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Dallas McKim


Grande Prairie, AB, CA

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Dallas McKim

I want someone who's f@*#^% right up-
messed-up and I don't know why.
I need a whirling dervish to complete me,
an obvious sociopath to call my own small wonder.

I'm sick of simplicity and manners-
God, I wish I had a psycho-soulmate to take to bed
and keep me up all night with cluttered thinking
and disjointed miracle stories
and life-changing vocalizations.

I want to worry over shifty eyes and unreturned phonecalls and over-affectionate displays,
irrational behavior as well.

I want unfashionable fashions in my presence
and dirty looks from those who can't understand
what it's like to claim a mold-cracking, mis-represented and completely unparalleled spirit for their own.

My dreams are stories and I wake up elated.