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Campbell McKelvie


London, England, UK

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The Journey Of Life


Campbell McKelvie

The journey of life is one we try hard to comprehend,
There is no choice when it starts or where it will end.
Many paths and directions will have to be taken.
More often than not it ends with our heart breaking.

For some the comfort of solitude is a necessary solution,
Preventing the growth of an undesirable pollution.
Seeking quieter places away from unwanted persuasion,
Looking for the answers to give our life regeneration.

Forcing emotions like a hermit to stay hidden,
Being the centre of attention becomes self forbidden.
Recoiling from the falsehood of public admiration,
Casting aside the confines of that undesirable sensation.

For them the irony of it all is the longing for release,
Yearning for their deadened emotions to cease.
The icy mask they calmly wear so well,
Like an iceberg disguises the extent of their hell.

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder,
Or is it the depth of your love you start to ponder.
A change of path at this time won’t narrow the gap,
Finding yourself heading for an emotional trap.

Pray for a life full of love with little to regret,
A special someone beside you the older you get.
For your hearts and souls to be combined,
To grow wiser together from each challenge you find.

Just remember whatever is encountered as you travel,
The mysteries of life you will never begin to unravel.
Self belief must prevail for your emotional strength.
Happiness is paramount for the journey’s length.

The Wilderness Oasis


Campbell McKelvie

Air crisp and fresh on the morning breeze,
Passing like a whisper through leafs on trees.
Angry sea crashing on far of rocks,
The squealing of gulls circling in flocks.

Overhead sailed patchwork clouds of white and grey,
Underfoot was the stickiness of a path of clay.
Countryside marching on beyond the horizon,
This was a place to stay and feast the eyes on.

Moist salt air deposited on windswept lips,
Distinct smell of seaweed into the nostrils rips.
Watery eyes ignore the winds stinging chill,
Watching reality subside and time stand still.

With resurging memories of distant days gone by,
All around changes to sun and clear blue sky.
Overpowering the body with exhilaration,
Recollecting a previous life and each sensation.

An oasis in life’s wilderness was found here,
Where worries and troubles lost their fear.
An inner Heaven bestowing momentary release,
Returning sanity, providing inner peace.

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The Garden of Life


Campbell McKelvie

The garden of life has many themes.
A beautiful and perfect place but only in dreams.
The reality is different and at times hard to bear,
Even more so when deprived of tender loving care.

Like roots morals should be deep-seated and strong,
Helping us through hard times when all goes wrong.
As in summer with warmth and affection we grow,
A winter of neglect, the seeds of doubt shall we sow.

The grass is always greener on the other side,
But when we get there we have more to decide.
Which path to follow a dilemma creates,
Our mind in confusion, our hearts in a state.

The perfect gardener as our partner we crave.
Our emotions they should nurture, nourish, and save.
They protect us and appear in our time of need,
Guarding us against every kind of insect and weed.

For we are the sweetest rose in any bed,
Neglect and abuse are what we dread.
To flourish and reproduce are our inner needs,
Please forgive us our lesser deeds.

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