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Janessa McKell


Belmont, Port Of Spain, Trinidad

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At Sea


Janessa McKell

Standing still,waiting,
impatient and anticipating.
Valiant winds blow at my side,
while love plays a game of seek and hide.
Saline and rough burning my eye,
as I swim frustratedly into the tide.
Emptiness slides under my fingernails,
my heavy thoughts weigh down my trail.
Effortless, I bob and float,
but my buoyancy is my hope.
I change with the time
but resist the mime
of truths to be told
and lies sometimes sold.
Can't I sell myself without sin,
or love the elements without spoilage within.
Having already played that role,
I know it lies not within my soul,
to say whatever is mine to feel,
or belittle my pride when before you I kneel.
Forget this and my ego and water engulfs me,
for in the religion called love, this is heresy.