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John McGrath


Saskatoon, SK, CA

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John McGrath

Scare me with your Earthliness
Prepare me for the perfect mess
You could wreck my demon dream
I walk into my mystery
Concocting naught but bickering

You can keep this nicotine
I need to eat and get me clean
Behind on sleep again I fiend
For moments that we shared together
Found a friendly foe forever

Never be my enemy,
The remedy for energy expended
Be my ended dreams suspended
in the gravitation.

Gradually my education
Edges me from contemplation
Messages through sublimation
Of our jointly-owned
Head Radio Station.



John McGrath

Smoking sacred tree through a filter,

Goddess acts as mistress
in this recreational killer.

Let the dolphin be the dolphin
I solute the soul in this plant,
Sometimes I feel the violence
in my breath when I chant

Learning quickly truly the value
of each breath
while there is still some
of me left.

..sometimes I see the silence
in my death when I Chant.



John McGrath

wet livid Pleistocene
thriving in my tastebuds
each cell communicates
something very basic.

wet dapper Jurassic
swarming in my tooth aquarium
chomp and suck a jellyfish
enlivening delerium.

and put salt on delerium.