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Seamus McGeough


Washington, DC, US

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Seamus McGeough

Absently I wait, calmly
Her clean smell and breath
Excite my beating heart but
Her tongue frightens me
As she traces a ring
Around my parted lips
Encircling my disturbances
And taking me to a World
I have not yet reached
Forcing me to leap
Over my gaping heart
She urges me forward
Her head in my hands
Her little flame dancing
A soft melody rising in
The sweetness of her flesh
Brushing at my lips
For a flower is now open
In every pore of my skin

Alison II


Seamus McGeough

Alison Sims MD
of Isle d'Napoli
did you choose me from this
faceless world to whisper faintly
to your mind...
have peace,
are we troubled souls.

Did you take me to your bed
and love me urgently
kissing my lips a million times
quickening every beat of my heart.
warming my freezing veins of blood,
to rush and flow
within yours alone

Did you not give me
a fresh countenance...
a mind to pierce life's secret veil
of steel and mortar
and tearless eyes to fall upon
a woman tender as you
that I loved like no other

Did you not love and
not knowing love
accuse judge blame
find fault
with my love as
a beggar finds fault
with the world

Did you not fright and
worry that it was not right
accustomed to abuse and hurt
cast me out into the night
like a dead fish
you had drowned
before you might feel pain

Did you not trade me
for toys and investments
and things you know
in a superficial world
of material things
that you control
with no emotion

How much do you know
other than the half life of a pill
and your one minute books on
how to catch you man
how to be a loving person
how to be this and that and
your bathroom books volume I and II

Is that not your life
that you wish away
as you rush to your bed
to impress
and be impressed
until you tire of impressions

For thunder and lightning blind
our eyes,
will not our hearts ignite
to find peace and shelter
from a lifetime of worry
long before we ever
close our eyes at last.