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Kathryn McDermott


Egham, England, UK

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The Written word


Kathryn McDermott

Too often I have heard myself be someone who I am not,
Is that truly the case, is that the unwritten trust
Nay it is folly you are who you are
But never who you wish to be,
Why can I not be who I wish to be
Perfect, is that the problem, no one is perfect
We see the idol on the stage,
but their words are written
Their words discussed
Their words change
How long did the words of hamlet take to be written,
Or the thoughts of the highwayman
Or the humming’s of a bear.
We cannot rewrite our words
nor choose to delivery them differently
Words if wrong can ruin men
But we cannot think over everything we utter
So live in silent
Actions are worth 1000 words
Long live the written word