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Shauna McDaniel


Nenagh, Cotipperary, Ireland

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Time Stands Still To My Confusion


Shauna McDaniel

I raised it to my eye
To gaze for awhile at its magic
Nothing to see, less to do
I point her towards the stars
A streak of colour in the night
Flames blow out in her path
An echo in the winds of time
Take him from me,
A glisten in the eyes of the night
Till leaves fall in timeless clusters
Petals on the rose of our life
Snow to melt on mountaintops
A key unlocks my secrets
I question you but nothing else
Fingers trail along the sand
An hourglass upside-down
Seasons change, I never tell
But for now cradled here
Within the arms of you
Face in shadow nothing more
I'm blind to all but feeling,
Is this the end of all I know?
Finding nothing from my pain
Or close your eyes and sit still
While I shoot an apple from your head.