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Ian McCrae


Sydney, Australia

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A Lost Child


Ian McCrae

Out on the moors I lost my way
It was a very misty day,
The line I walked was straight and true
With tears in my eye, Dad where are you.

I wondered on towards my home
Dad I called, I am coming home,
I am only nine years old
Night was coming and I am cold.

Then I remembered what Dad would do
Just sit down and I will come to you,
The night was long and very dark
At daybreak a Dog began to bark.

I stood up; the mist had not cleared
A voice, Dad I called, I am here,
The voice began to fade away
Thatís when I began to pray.

Dear lord I have lost my way
My Dad told me not to stray,
I know he was right, I must obey
My Dad will find me if I stay.

The tears were rolling down my face
Just then a light, the lord of grace,
"The light I saw was faraway"
I sat down determined to stay.

Then at last a voice, that called my name
My Dads voice, or the very same,
Dad I called, I am over here
Stay where you are, have no fear.

I called again and again, Dad I am over here
A shadow in the mist, it was my Dad, have no fear,
He took me in his arms, and said
Its time that you were in your bed:

Dad and I are back together
My prayer, I hope will last forever,
When and if you lose your way
All you have to do is pray.

Ghosts and Things


Ian McCrae

Ghosts, are there such things?
Phantoms are created in our minds,
The child that cries every night
The room is empty, switch on the light.

The coach in the driveway is not there
I thought I saw it, it was so unfair,
The headless man that walks our streets
On sound of footsteps perhaps no feet:

Why is there a lady in a white vale?
Outside a church she looks so pale,
A sailing ship out on the sea
No one on board that one can see.

On the moor I saw a light
There was no stars, no moon that night,
I saw a man just sitting there
Odd to say, there was no one there.

A village, I have never been
And yet I am home, or so it seems,
A Bowling Green down by the river
There is nothing there, was there ever.

Swans I see then very well
A black shed was there, I could tell,
There was on hotel or a pub
Whisky was the only hub.

If all things I saw were unreal
Near the shore, I saw an image of a seal,
A man of copper looking out to sea
Ghosts, are things no one can see?

All through life we know our way
A guardian angel, someone will say,
A gentle breeze on ones ear
We all know the Lord near.

I always know when you are there
If only you could hear my prayer,
Down in the valley, up on the hill
If only! I know it is your will.

Time To Remember


Ian McCrae

My parents they both give me love
They told me there was a heaven high above,
Make no mistake; there is a hell
They helped me up, they taught me well

They taught me why the bird all sing
And why I must care for every thing,
The wild deer on the mountains high
And why there is a clear blue sky.

The rain and snow and even thunder
Is part of our world, there was no blunder,
When the snowdrops come alive
And why the bees all build their hives.

Springtime when the whole world comes alive
Newborn lambs, when they arrive,
The Nature of things will remain in force
Man and beast will take their course.

Our homes we build them up on high
At times you can hear us cry,
For someone that was very dear
We sit alone and shed a tear.

Love is the way that we were taught
We keep our family in our thoughts,
Across the world we donít forget
The love we had, without regret.

My children they all have respect
With them I have no regrets,
On sailing ships from far away
They will visit my homeland one-day.

From My Bedroom Window


Ian McCrae

From my bedroom window
I watch the sea and sand,
The fragile beauty of the shore
Untouched by human hand.

The sound of crashing waves
Along the rocky shore,
Echoes in my memory
A sound: that I adore.

The hidden caves are filled
With mysteries from the sea,
A thousand years of Shipwrecks
Lie buried in the lee.

Looking out beyond the crags
The coastlines white with foam,
The artic winds send secret sounds
Wherever natives roam.

Although itís in my memory
And we are far apart,
A seashell held against my ear
Lifts my weary heart.

I know my bedroom window
Is so far away.
The wind still calls itís secret sound
Every: single day.

Scotland Still


Ian McCrae

Home sick for Scotland still
As I wander through the rolling hills,
In my dreaming, we talk together
Over hills and through the heathery:

The rocky coast line, a howling wind
Sleet and snow, it's very grim,
The sea birds seem to understand
They can find shelter on the land.

A flashing light, a bell that rings
A lighthouse where the seagulls sing,
My feet and hands are icy cold
The landscapes worth, I will unfold.

Fishing boats, lobsters and creels
Fishing nets on the drying field,
We were children all together
I love this land and its weather.

Long grass waving in the breeze
The woodlands and the roaring seas,
Bracken in the glens below
The hilltops hidden by the snow:

And yet, I was carried by the wind
I do miss everything,
Streams that turn to water falls
Friends come running when you call.

The long summer days come and go
A fireplace thatís all aglow,
A new beginning in the spring
Alas not for everything.

In my dreaming, I am not alone
I keep in touch with my home,
Friends and family are far apart
Autumn leaves are falling fast.

The wind is blowing on my face
Time rages on, at a frantic pace,
In the years that lie ahead
Scotland still. In my head:

A Little Mouse


Ian McCrae

Off to school across the moors
I used to think that I was poor,
Until one day, I saw a mouse
It had no home: it had no house.

I sat down beside its nest
As I thought, to have a rest,
The nest was warm and very clean
Little mouse: where have I been.

You have a family: you have a home
You done all this, on your own,
Two little ones in your nest
The two of them are now at rest.

Why would I think, that I was poor?
Compared to thee out on the moor,
I have all the things that I need in life
And yet, I find myself in strife.

I donít want to go to school
I have broken all the rules,
Who taught you to build a nest?
I know that you have done your best.

Perhaps I should go to school
You make me look a proper fool,
I know that you are just a mouse
But you know how to build house.

Your family they are warm and dry
I donít know how to bake a pie,
I think its time that I was on my way
The broken rules, I must now obey.

Farewell my dear little friend
I have a lot of things to learn,
Your proven foresight is not in vein
I am off to school and filled with shame

Until this day, life was just a game
Now I have so much to gain,
Its time to take my place in life
Instead of getting into strife:



Ian McCrae

The star of Hope
Ian McCrae

As I stand in the shadows watching the night,
A star appeared in the havens so bright,
I made a wish that I thought would come true
The wish was for someone special like you.

Someone in need, someone who cares
Someone we love, we have known for years,
Lord you helped me when I was down
Will you help someone that I have found?

A mother with children who are in need
No shelter at night, no breakfast in deed,
Behind in there rent, out on the street
Long cold nights in rain and sleet:

All of them need a helping hand
Out across, this great land.
A world in recession is to blame
We should all hang our heads in shame.

Greed and selfishness, we can still share
Come on, all of you; kneel with me in prayer,
The Sun will rise again tomorrow
A new beginning without sorrow:

An angel came from heave afar,
And in the night a bright new star
New hope for all mankind in need
Dear lord above, to you I plead.