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Mike McCarthy


Bristol, England, UK

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The Romance of Love


Mike McCarthy

One short word used over and over again.
What does it mean?

Is it the twittering of birds in the sky?
Or the waves crashing against the shore?
Is it found in the smile of a child
The scent of a rose
The twinkle in an eye?

It beats through us
Part of our blood, deep in our veins
It's trust, it's belief, it's hope
It confuses our mind
Controls all our senses
It paralyses our fears.
It's something we cannot explain
No matter how hard we try.

It's something I try to put into words.
Every time I see your face.
The sound of your voice, the touch of your hand
Undeniably strong
As soon as my lips meet yours
I lose all sense of where I am.

Love breathes within me every day.
You gave it life.
And each time I see you
You're making sure it lives on and grows.
Strange, strange mentor.
It will win through.



Mike McCarthy

Far away from famine,
Far away from war,
I live in a lucky world.

On the outside everything is fine.
I laugh, I smile, I joke.
Everything seems perfect.

On the inside a thousand thoughts
Eat away at my mind like terminal cancer.
I implode in a fit of

Why is it I can find no words?
Why can't i see what's wrong?

I sleep.
In my dream
Blood trickling down my chest
I'm fighting for breath
In my hand a knife.
A dream?
Or desire?

Pain shoots through my body
A release.
I want to stop thinking.

The innocence of childhood.
Went away with my smile
This is what I'm left with
This is the end.

One Year Ago


Mike McCarthy

One year ago I didn't know what love was
I thought it was some fable far away
I never knew it would take hold of me
And keep me save through every day

One year ago on a summer evening
We met when everything was right
Those few short minutes we were together
We dreamt of all through the night

One year ago in that garden
I knew when our eyes met
That something was magical that day
Something I would never forget

One year ago our hands met
Sending shivers down my spine
And although it wasn't the first time
I knew then that you were mine

One year ago in July
We started what I now know to be
The love that so many dream of
The best thing that's happened to me



Mike McCarthy

Time goes by
With every second ticking
Babies are born; men die.
But instead.
I'm lying here on my bed, secluded from reality.
I choose to stay.

I can't even think what to do.
I'm wasting time away
Cold, distant boredom
A deserted place
There are escapes
I choose not to use them.

I could be doing something.
A glimmer of light through my window.
I choose to ignore it.

It's something I despise within myself.
I'm lazy.
This is just a normal day.
I could do something different.
I have my chance.
Do I wake or do I sleep?
I choose to sleep.

let me free


Mike McCarthy

beautys gone what do i have?
my heart i can't feel, the beat is dead.
love me so true what was meant?
if nothing will stayed the same way after we met
love you already dont care what they say
i shouldnt be with you but cant stay away
wanna move on but i cant get away
let me let me free
my love for u has died
cant you see it in my eyes?