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Evan McAuley


Wymbolwood Beach, ON, CA

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Evan McAuley

Fear Injust
And The Bridge'll Belong
Say Nothing Right,
Speak Nothing Wrong
Afraid Of Death
Don't Want To Live
Too Soon To Be Angry
Too Late To Forgive.

In My Darkness


Evan McAuley

In my darkness
there is warmth within the black layers
It it is your destiny to walk beside me
You will get to know the darkness
As I have
Feel a forgotten desire
That lives in your unspoken dreams

In my darkness
There is peace
Which comes form submission
But first you must release any doubt
Before you can surrender
Once embraced
You will never look back

In my darkness
There is a seductive passion
Shared only with a soul that is worthy
Your eyes will speak secrets
Your body will become my second skin
As new found thirsts for pleasure
Will begin to unfold

In my darkness
There are many stories to be told
Let me fondle your pages
Flirt with your demons
As you shutter at my touch