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Peter Mazzucco


Coquitlam, BC, CA

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Just Wanted You To Know


Peter Mazzucco

We were sharing a small umbrella,
Walking down a familiar lane,
But the umbrella was too small,
Making us both wet from the rain.

I didn't want to have to,
But I needed to say goodbye,
I couldn't say the words,
Because I didn't want to try.

We walked slowly and cold,
Talking about the day,
I offered you my jacket,
But you stubbornly turned it away.

I stopped you in that lane,
Where we first kissed long ago,
I loved you so much,
And I just wanted you to know.

But I just looked into your eyes,
I could see all that hurt so much,
I wanted to take it all away,
With just a subtle touch.

I stepped out from the umbrella,
To mix the tears with the rain,
I didn't want you to see,
That I couldn't hold back the pain.

You just looked at me,
With concern in your eyes,
I just wanted to hold you tight,
Just make you realize.

My sanity was strained,
And I had to let go,
Because I loved you so much,
I just wanted you to know.

We were silent for a moment,
But thoughts were racing through my head,
How could I say I couldn't see you,
And that our friendship was dead?

So I made up some lies,
About someone I met,
I said I really liked her,
There's nothing more I regret.

I said this girl was jealous,
Of the close friendship we had,
Then I told you we should stop talking,
Or else this girl would get mad.

You humbly nodded,
But I didn't want you to agree,
I was praying to God,
That you'd stay with me.

I couldn't keep pretending,
That I didn't love you,
And I couldn't just be your friend,
Because it was ripping me in two.

I told you I was sorry,
And that I hoped you'd understand,
I felt my soul slipping away,
Like the rain off my hand.

You said it was okay,
And that you were happy for me,
As I was realizing,
That wasn't how it should be.

I had spoke too soon,
But it was far too late,
I made the fatal mistake,
Of giving up against Fate.

I stood there in the rain,
Aware of my new regret,
I remember how cold I felt,
But it wasn't because I was so wet.

There was a long silence,
I just tried to see into your eyes,
You just seemed to want to leave,
And forget the technical good-byes.

I looked towards the ground,
And asked if you were all right,
You replied with a weak smile,
And told me goodnight.

As I watched you walk away,
I felt reality rip apart,
You never even looked back,
But you did take my heart.

I stood there in the rain,
Soaked down to the bone,
By now you were out of sight,
Leaving me all alone.

I sat down on the curb,
And I noticed my hand shake,
It was as if I was in a dream,
But I was unfortunately awake.

The rain beat down faster,
But I didn't even care,
I was hoping you'd come back,
And you wouldn't leave me there.

But you didn't come back,
I waited there for so long,
And since that rainy day,
I haven't been that strong.

Now I won't let anyone get close,
And I feel like I'm so alone,
I thought that one day I'd move on,
But my heart has turned to stone.

I tried with all my power,
To get you through it all,
And now I can't even catch you,
Whenever you might fall.

Well what did you expect?
I tried, but I couldn't wait forever,
I think you've always agreed,
That we should've been together.

Why didn't you just open up,
And show me what was inside?
I know there's something there,
That you don't want to hide.

I know now of my mistake,
And that I shouldn't of let you go,
But I wanted more than a friendship,
And I just wanted you to know.



Peter Mazzucco

I am going to tell you story,
Of two lovers in time,
They became as one slowly,
With magic words of rhyme.

They came together at instantly,
On a rainy, November day,
Not knowing their innocence,
Would be the price to pay.

The feelings were unexpected,
And the love was so true,
They wanted to live together forever,
And die together too.

Nobody could understand,
The way these two were,
Like how they used each other,
When they needed a cure.

They held each other up,
As if they were one,
They didn't know how they managed,
Before their love begun.

It's difficult to describe,
But I hope I can help you see,
How happy they were,
With the way it used to be.

The lovers were inseparable,
They overcame so much,
They had an ultimate power,
Just with their touch.

But something happened,
That made it all come to an end,
They were torn apart,
All alone, with broken hearts to mend.

They split in two,
Right down the seam,
They couldn't change the nightmare,
Back into a dream.

Fate had disagreed,
With the lovers unity,
He ended what was said,
To last beyond eternity.

Some time had passed,
But the two stayed far apart,
The man kept all alone,
Because she was still in his heart.

He lived a dreary life,
With only sadness and pain,
He just waited for the day,
He'd be with his love again.

After a long time,
The woman's scars became hidden away,
Because she had found new love,
Even though it wasn't the same way.

The woman moved on,
As she let herself forget the past,
The man had never considered,
Her eternal vow wouldn't last.

He finally saw her one day,
And he cried at the sight of her face,
But the joy quickly turned into distress,
Because her heart was in a new place.

As a victim of time long past,
The woman had misplaced the magic feeling,
But the man refused to give up,
Because he wouldn't stop believing.

He knew in his heart and soul,
That somewhere deep inside,
The woman still had true love,
That she didn't want to hide.

But a few years later,
The woman was engaged,
The man's heart shattered,
As his soul became enraged.

He cursed every god,
That may have created his fate,
His world fell apart around him,
And he only felt hate.

The man tried his best,
To make a new love his cure,
Still, the man just couldn't forget,
He could never replace her.

Time past slowly,
And the man just stayed in bed,
He could only write lonely poems,
About how his love was dead.

He wrote many words,
That flowed to his pen from his hand,
But there was no one to read them,
And no one to understand.

The man fell very ill,
Maybe because he was so alone,
None of the doctors had the cure,
For a heart turned to stone.

Secluded from the world,
He never stopped writing,
The words were his potion;
His only way of fighting.

The once lover, now the unloved,
Slowly became grey and old,
Never knowing what could've happened,
If he had been more bold.

Then the lonely, old, man,
On a rainy November day,
Had to stop writing,
And he put his pen away.

And in his last breath,
Right before his lonely death,
He muttered to the emptiness,
"I will never forget".