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Ershad Mazumder


Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The Black Law


Ershad Mazumder

Before the liberation
Of two hands
Human kinds live in jungle
As quadruped
Like other animals.
The new phase
Of human life begins
With the new freedom.

Since the creation of life
On this planet
Human being moves
Place to place
For food and shelter.
This is called migration
The basic human rights.

Migration is part of nature
The tools of civilisation
And development
Ban on migration
Is illegal and inhumane
Hinders growth
Of love and respect
Unity of mankind.

Immigration law
Is a black law
Anti God
To divide
Sons of Adam.

****Copyright by Ershad Mazumder

The Doomsday


Ershad Mazumder

Poverty is never a virtue
It's a sin
A product of the Social system
Created by the rulers
And their clique.

Wealth is the gift of God
If it is devoted for the
Cause of the human kind.
Wealth is sin
When it makes people
Poor and starved.

The sweet living planet
Becomes gray and ashes
When billions of life cry
The doomsday spreads it's wings
To answer the cry.

The Donor


Ershad Mazumder

When you think that
You are a donor
Really,you are not.
You are just a witness of
Your desires.

You first think
Whether you qualify
To be a donor.

May be you are
Just a medium
For a good job
An obligation of
A human being.

Soul to Soul


Ershad Mazumder

Death is not the end of the life
It's a moment,a short time
In the eternity
Floating in the air
Living is ash,water of a river.

The life will come back again
That is the continuity of soul
From one to many
From soul to soul.



Ershad Mazumder

God creates and recreates
From Adam to Eve
From one man to one woman
From one woman to one man.

That is the way
He plays His game
His wishes and wills
The game of creation
And recreation.

He is one and only one
He is by himself
None creates Him
He creates everything
And everything.