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Munayem Mayenin


London, England, UK

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A War is Always a Crime


Munayem Mayenin

Thunderous hill storms of falling bombs and missiles
The horrendous ear shattering sound-storms
Under the nightmare of shock and awe
Baghdad stood mute gathering the blood
What were the congressmen and women
Doing in the state? Had they lent their minds
To the lunatics of the worst kind of all human times?

Heavens shattered and shivered in disbelief
With the cries of woken up babies
Crying and bleeding and dying
While their eardrums went numb and pregnant women
Miscarried in terror while Baghdad counted lightening and thunder
As if the eight hells gone lose over the skies of Iraq?
What was Mr Bush thinking at Camp David?
Was he talking to his Buddy Blair about the fire works
That the American forces could produce!

Just war! A war! Just!
A war has always been and always will be
A crime of the worst kind?
A crime against green grass of time
Against the singing birds and flowing rivers
Against the statue of liberty and against the British Houses of Parliament

A war has always been and always will be
A crime against life
Against babies and women and infirm and sick and elderly?
Against music and melodies
Against this very face one is ready to die to protect
Against the rainbow and fluttering butterflies
Against the swinging trees that bend in dancing rhythm
While spring wind comes with invitations of joy

The dead soldiers whether
Born of Iraqi mothersí wombs or American
They are dead, killed, murdered. Full stop!
Wiped off like writings on blackboard!
They were not chalk writings on blackboards!
Mr Bush there is no pride in getting sons and daughters
Carried in body bags even if covered in American flags
What is an American flag? Does it not look black?
Mourning for the brave dead Americans killed by their
Imbecile misguided money-bought leaders?

Shame of these killers wherever they are
Shame even more if they live on the land
Of the Statue of liberty and
We the people! Shame to the criminals!
Criminals who commit the worst of all crimes
Murdering people "us" and "them"
For there is no us and them in a rainbow
One colour is taken out and the rainbow bleeds to death

When The Hurly Burly Is Done


Munayem Mayenin

BBC bet failed
And battles are lost and won
If one asks of Shakespeare
For his three witchesí verdict
Not now rather
When the hurly-burlyís done
When bloods are thickened
And lives resemble ghosts

Yet the question trembles
Like a thin net curtain
In the windy winterís open window
Who was murdered?
King Duncan?
Or was it somebody else?

Having done the
Having done
Lord Huttoning
We finalised the truth

BBC bet had to fail
For meek and amicable
Colour was white
To cover all the other graffiti off the walls

Yet the question
Like a sharp double edged knife
Running around like the ghost of the knife
That murdered King Duncan in the hands
Of Lady Macbeth at night

Saddam Hussain
Or the holder of WMD
Disposed of with thanks
Channelling trillions of dollars
Of contractual bliss to American woods
The woods that were yellow and dry

Who looks at the edge
Easy to be pushed
Without being seen?
Those shadowy guys?
Push them down
CIA or MI6 who gives a damn!

Yet the question
Remains washing the blood
Off the bloody hands of
Distorted Lady Macbeth
Why did things
The blood and bombs
And the shock and awe
The massacres and destructions
Why did things
Became hell over Baghdad
Why Iraqi blood became as
Worthless as American blood

Whose children are killed?
In Iraqi clothes or American uniforms?
Does it matter at all?
Well let us have our meal
With the champagne and wine
While Lord Huttoning
Gets the British Charcoal clean

Eulogy for the Murdered Victims on and after Septermber 11


Munayem Mayenin

Misguided ideologyís ghost put cold stones
On their hearts
Crueltyís evil put thorns
On their skins
Hatredís devil put a hell fire
Deep inside their soul
Their eyes had been shut and sealed
With ice age fossil of a deadly virus
They were the black fire of death
They were the carriers of black deaths
Worse than any man ever knew

Those were the cold sober and normal
Trained parroted idiots
Their religion was hatred
They did not love
Nor did they see
The colours of the roses
Or the heavens in the smiles of children
They never enjoyed a walk
Down New York Park
They were dead on brick
They carry a steel brick smile
Hidden under their white but guised teeth

They planned a massacre
They prepared a plan
They practised the details
And they carried out the lunacy
Why? Why had cruelty consumed them?
Their body was dead
Their mind was broken
And their soul was smashed
They were the last thing God had intended
In the meaning of men

They created a hell on earth
Which God had not thought of for men!
How could they die!
They were the bearer of death themselves
They created an inferno
They massacred thousands of souls
Two buildings no matter how tall
They could be rebuilt
But the lives!
Shattered, bruised, burnt to ashes
Offered burial without bodies!

There is no suitable hell for these
For God had not created such a hell for them
They are the devilsí dark eyes
They had none of the thing
That makes men human
Their body mind and soul
Had been taken out by devilís claws
They were carrying cold death
The monsters within them consumed them
In return they crushed the roses
And they crushed the songs
They killed man and his home
They killed humanity for them
Before they went to murder it for others

They were hyenas
Clothed in manís skin
God has not made a suitable hell
For hyenas like this
They are thorns in Godís heavenly eyes
They made God dark
Ashamed of his creation
In men there are God and Devil
These hyenas tried to massacre God
And gave birth to evil
Who had eaten their beings
Their body mind and soul
And made them into a poisonous bunch
Of killers that are stoned
The killers that wear dark suit of cruelty
The killers that wear ugly trousers of hatred
And they are the anthrax of men and humanity
God did not intend hyenas in manís skin
God did not intend to regret
Which is what he must do now
Creating hyenas in menís skin

They killed in New York
Casablanca and Bali went wrapped in blood and screams
Of humans as though they were flees
They killed in merciless venom in Madrid
They killed in Turkey and Pakistan
They kill here there and everywhere
They are evil with stone dark eyes
That sparkle dread of hatred
And the fumes of cruelty against all things humane!

And what created them
Must be the opposite of roses
Must be the mother of evil and the devil himself
These killers are produced by the devil
That keeps killing us like dogs and cats
This is the system of lunacy that is dark
Yet pretends to radiate lights
Yet it produces worldly Evil
Made of Uglies, Brutes, Lunatics, Weirdoes and Bullies
All eat nasty slimy hatred
All breathes in poisonous non-care
All grow on cruelty and madness
These are the killers dark, evil and stoned
Created by the system we love
That went to avenge the murders of our brothers and sisters
Again eating the lunch provided by our helplessness
It ate on our sorrow, anger and sadness and loss
Manipulated into more of burning hatred

We supported them with the hell fire fuel of hatred
And our mother of evil that produces
Uglies, Brutes, Lunatics, Weirdoes and Bullies
They rule the world where we pay taxes and stay normals
They went to avenge the murders of our brothers and sisters
In New York and other places they say.

They murdered in Afghan mountains and dusty lands
Where people were hungry and desperate
Where darkness ruled on darkness fed by ignorance and hunger
They killed in Iraq where people were in wide open prison
They killed in Karbala and Najaf and Baghdad
They bombed and destroyed whatever there was
In doing so they killed our soldiers
Americans and British and others
These soldiers were brothers and sisters
They were boyfriends and girlfriends
They were fathers and mothers
They were relatives, friends and neighbours
They were murdered too
They came back home wrapped in worthless flags
They got murdered too in avenging murders
They had been sent to kill and they did just that
And came back home in body bags
Who do we go to kill now then?
For the murders that took place in Afghanistan?
The murders that blooded the deserts of Iraq?
For the murdered American and British soldiers?
Our sons and daughters brothers and sisters?
Who do we now go and kill?
Who do we go and kill now then when
We have been robbed of hundreds of brothers and sisters in Madrid?
Who do we go and kill?
Who shall we go and murder when we have more murdered
By these murderous terrorists?
I would like to get the answers
Is it coming from the Whitehouse?
Can anyone hear anything from ten Downing Street?
I would like to hear some answers
Or I want some noise supersonic
Or even better like terrific sonar
I would like some noise piercing our souls
The souls of dead normals that we are

Now let me make it clear to you all
Tell me how many people are murdered
In America by death penalties?
In those electric or gas chambers of death?
In those lethal injections?
How many Americans are killed every year?
And how many of us at all lose any sleep over this?

How many Americans get killed by serial killers?
Every year? How many thousands?
How many off springs of humans
Get killed in robberies and burglaries and gun crimes
In America? How many?
How many people drink the poison from suicideís dark cups?
How many are sick? How many depressed and mentally ill?
How many homeless and victims of aids and other terminal illness
Without health insurance?
How many are hungry in the ghettoes of American down towns
Across the land of American dreams?
How many women get killed by domestic violence?
How many women get rapped?
How many children get killed and abused in America?

How many of off springs die across the globe
In their babyhood? Childhood? Of hunger?
How many millions live under the sky?
How many millions of women and men die
Of cancer? Aids? And even diarrhoea?
Or lack of good water?

Who shall we go and kill for these murders?
Who shall we go and kill now then?
I would like some answers
I would very much like
World Uglies, Brutes, Lunatics, Weirdoes and Bullies
To give me some answers
Some answers I need

Hungers burns like hell across the globe
Desperate poverty breed desperation
Like the mosquitoes breed in the summer
People sell themselves, children and women sell themselves
Life is a misery of hunger and dark hopelessness
Hatred are infinitely multiplied
In globalised money monopoly system
Where hatred, frustration and resentment spreads
Like Australian or Californian bush fires

I want on behalf of all my brothers and sisters
Who have been murdered
I demand some answers
I demand some answers
I demand some answers

I am angry and sad
I am angry and bereaved
I am angry and crying
I am angry and dying
Of sorrows and sadness
That grow in eyes that are half asleep
I demand some answers
Who do we go and kill now?
For all these killings and murders?
Who shall we go and find now to hate?
Who shall we hate now?

I want to know
What is American Dreams?
I want to know what American Justice is.
I want to know what American Pie is.
I want to know what American Psycho is.
I want to know what American Law is
I want to know what the Civilised World is.
Where does this civilised world exist on this planet?
Where women sell their bodies and pay self employment taxes
And when sucked up of all life get thrown in the gutters
Where women and children are trafficked
So that they could be sold for their flesh in the market across the globe
Including the west
Where paedophiles go to poor places and buy children
Because they are hungry and need food

Please show me or tell me the address of that civilised world
I want some answers from that world
I demand some answers
By the name of humanity
And my murdered brothers and sisters
By both the terrorists and the
Uglies, Brutes, Weirdoes, Lunatics and Bullies
Of our all powerful money monopoly goddess
That only knows how to kill a rose
And mocking bird that does not know the spelling of murder
Or the sunrise that does not know hatred

Poetry Speaks Our Rhythm


Munayem Mayenin

Having already tasted many a storms and thunders
We crossed many an oceans before
Yet another one stood between us
A flat wall slippery and hollow

And we took the challenge and walked across it
And met in a kiss of passionate union
Unified in music and painted roses over the distance
Our hearts got blended in our poems in love

Yet having won another sea over met face to face
Here we find ourselves separated by a snake river
Reflecting neon signs at young intoxicating night
What can we do to stop the upheavals raging our hearts?

Having come all this way with roses in our pockets
Having created all these dreams and poetry and music
A mere river cannot separate us at all
As we are part of the same rainbow poetry and music together

We are again heart bound and focused to our destiny
We have the mist and whispering hearts beating
The night is jasmine scented and young with silky dark
While the river separates us the night abridged our distance

We are one in the land of pure illumination
Where we enter our temples of dreams with poetry
In the cups of our opened lips eager to be entwined
Body mind and soul as one we are poetry speaks our rhythm

I Give You


Munayem Mayenin

I give you a rainbow ribbon
To tie your sun kissed hair
Silky soft wind blown warm
In spring and in summer

I give you warmth that I hold for you in my breath
Treasured by my heart for the winter
And the festival of colours that consumes me
Watered by my dreams for autumn

I give you magic out of my soul to keep
Between your touchstone thumb and finger
That hold your pen and knit poetic landscapes
So that colours and music infuse life before your eyes

I give you winds of springs and sounds of silence
Rhythmic speed beating as ecstasy in entwined bodies
Heavens go dancing joys that lay bare before eyes
Sensations wrapped in sweat and beats and thrills

I give you a place where lights dance in darkness
Music puts out scarlet portraits in a cosmic theatre
This is where eternal springs up as dew wet spring grass
Life goes fluttering by with the wind and the butterflies

I giver you rain and tropical downpours of fluid warmth
That give you magic to grow a garden in the desert
Nurture the green in the olive tree in the scarlet dusk
And tea cup full of Arabic scents and stories in aromas

I give you starry nights and their melodies and dreams
A voyage to the cosmic space with white and purple
In your mind there blossom yellow roses as you dream
There on your scarlet cheek a map of kisses painted

I give you a snowy field in winter to play with snowballs
On the tongues they touch sensuality's heat in melting pose
You fall in white while smile sparkles eternal diamond's envy
Your face brightens in rosy cheeks that touch mine in magical bliss.

Most of all I give you something all together unusual
I give you a bleeding heart watering wounded dreams
To keep near your you-scented pillows while you paint your songs
I give you a bruised butterfly in need of your tender care