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Williamsji Maveli


Cochin, Kerala, India, Kerala, India

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Flames in her eyes


Williamsji Maveli

Flames in her eyes
grows brighter and brighter
until you can no longer see it.
You feel such a great love
coming from these beams.
The glow fades, taking you with it.
In its place two small globes of
crystal sparks; then rolls back up
to the shape of hard stones;
later to become the tear drops
from the eyes once again.

A Love, Handed Over


Williamsji Maveli

Awakened like the swelling sun,
My exotic lust takes a slow run;
Emerged like the genesis of a day;
My sweetest love sings this midday!
A new sound is heard like the call of a bird,
My will sobs at the beauty of your word;.
Earth is fertile like an elegant woman,
Sun is burning to share, like a gentleman
We were meant to be, long before birth.
Finally to decorate the body in wreath
Your name is written on the vast shore
In a landscape you stand alone bare
Eternally bound, painfully, outshine
Your breasts are nurtured in mine;
A celebration day with hand in hand;
In the starry night slept on shore sand;
Forever and ever together, never to depart,
Bodies undivided; together; but one at heart.
Your soft touch, like the flush of the moon,
Bring forth my heart, from its cocoon.
And in your eyes, your live shines forth,
More than the stars, your glance is worth.
And every word brings forth the fire
Within my veins, the edging of desire;
To breed old in your arms, this life time;
Itís my dream; thatís all I want to be fame;
When wheels of age finally run short;
Then you are my own angel to escort.
And I will save a seat, for you at my side
Eternity waits, only for both of us to abide.
Now let us rejoice, all comes without a clue
Time is our best friend, as oceans are blue.
All vigor and strength in our bodies reside
Only in true love, does my spirit confide.
be cheerful, merry and raise our voice;
A handing over of my love, to rejoice!



Is the Dawn near or far_?


Williamsji Maveli

Oh! Those ancient days
Of joy peace and love
Again buried_buried
Oh, where are you prophets?
The bliss and grace gained;
Those blissful men of prayers,
Here finds its tomb in dark
Will they rise again and again?
The ancient graceful lives
Who shed their blood for land
Now mourn again so deep
Oh, lost the land thy soul
Will it bring back those splendid
days again to grant the joy?
Will there ever be bliss again?
Oh prophets, tell me now,
Well the dawn is near or far_