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Williamsji Maveli


Cochin, Kerala, India, Kerala, India

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One into One


Williamsji Maveli

Sharing in a hut next to Your valley;
Our thoughts travel in the same air;
Smell of sweat; inhales of breaths;
deep and pure are our lovemaking;
your arms entangled into mine,
Captured in and around my necks
my head placed on your breast,
Slowly we come downhill from elevated;
I pluck the red rose buds off You;
fingers peel petals from the skin;
my hand in Your silky hair;
Flowing nectar from cherry lips;
my arms wrapping Your shoulders;
until cries of ecstasy explode
Can be heard in the twilight;
Sentiments and bliss whispered;
Sweet kisses upon the lips;
Exhausted; embraced; we slept
tied as one into one.