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Irena Matic


Beograd, Serbia

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Art of the quest


Irena Matic

Drop me in the wild ocean
of endless smiles,
color me in sorrow
even when Iím not fit to cry,
bore me to death
with your kindness,
dazzle me until
Iím on a verge of blindness.
Push me through a
rush-our of clouds,
walk through me and
stay there for a while,
help me with this quest
of seeking whatís not hidden
pour me a cup of
your finest riddles
Iíll solve them all.
Stop scolding me
for thinking with my heart
when that is the best part,
and you know it.
Excuse me for flying this high
but my dreams are light
and Iím aloud to try.
You should believe in me more
and find me unusually smart
after all,
searching for you is the finest of arts.



Irena Matic

Innocence is overrated
but when I see it in your eyes
doesnít matter if itís true or false
just want to sink like a stone
in that eyes of yours.
Like glowing light through a tick glass
your eyes spark.
Unattainable color rising from a dark
grabbing every inch of my heart.
Neither pale blue heaven,
nor a deep blue sea,
nor a shallow waters of a sandy beach.
Neither turquoise stone
nor an azure tiles on a Tuscan kitchen floor,
neither indigo of a distant Irish shore.
Neither cobalt of a Greek window at noon,
nor a pastel horizon of a seaside afternoon.
They are not the blue of a divine Byzantine sky
nor washed out denim shirt of mine.
Neither ray of light through a stained-glass,
nor a dim stormy cloud.
Countless words I could apply
craving to depict your eyes.
Iím seeking in vain to put in terms
whatís the shade of an innocent smile.
The trouble is:
that kind of blue lives only in you
I could strive forever,
struggle infinitely to sound clever.
watch closely for every peace
of this planet blue,
and maybe then
Iíll find the shade that hides in you.
At the end some fine lines will get it right,
but I wouldnít dare to try or even explain why
I love the rest of you.



Irena Matic

Thereís blackness in the sky
Thereís a hole in the moon
Thereís a story behind this
Thereís a dawn rising soon.
Tale is about endless space, blinding lights,
burning stars, planet fights.
This one is for real
Itís for those who suffer still
Itís for those who look ahead
Who are wise but not speaking
Who are silent but not dead.
There are those who fight their cause
Some are searching for lost skies,
matching souls, winding roads, open doors.
They will go against the odds,
rise high mighty swards,
feel the thrill of final chase
dark forces they will face.
It begins:
fatal quest for missing light,
everlasting fight with night.
There are seekers everywhere
fighting their own wars,
falling, waning battles, losing lives
comets running through their minds.
Seekerís time canít be measured
Never will they live in pleasure
Bloody fights are in their hearts.

Agony of matter


Irena Matic

Fiery red star
on a tonightís titian sky
blasted in my eye
made me shiver.

I am not from this Earth
My hands crawled on another soil
I was purple light in a flaming coil.
One wrong turn on a stellar trip
brought me here into this big sleep.
Orange heaven was a friend of mine
That friend is calling me now.

Silent echo of ancient fears bursts in my ears.

Visible fractions caught our attention
Only matter makes us happy
Just a touch of wealth
Makes us forget
how bright is the light of a soul.
How much is worth to live on this Earth
whatever it is, Iím not ready to pay
take me back, never again I will stray
this time journey will be quick
path will be lit
Iíll find my way on a radiant sky
Iíll find a place where my home lays.