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Jerry Marty


Auckland, NZ

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Vampire snigger


Jerry Marty

Perky grin

Full of energy - he springs to life

Toddling through the room

Scanning everything within reach

For something of interest

Playful laughter

With hypnotic youthfull charm

Enthralling the victim

Radiating complete confidence

Sweet child innocence

Beaming wickedly

Focussed on the mission

A serous look of determination

Honing in on the prey

Anticipation of the expected reaction

Hidden smirk

Ready and in position to strike

The mouth opens

Displaying polished baby fangs

DON'T bite your sister !

Guilty smile



Jerry Marty

Life in the refrigerator
Pale in comparison
To the fast paced furry life
In the faulty butter compartment
In pitch darkness
Just noise from within
Slowly increasing potency
The door opens
What IS that bright light?
Time to chill out man!
Someone needs you to lighten their load.

The internal demons


Jerry Marty

In the knowledge that the victim is powerless
Removing the voice of endeavouring,
Capturing the sound of the soul,
The imagination of the mind,
The spirit of the heart,
Pluck the courage
Truely evil
Fear of dying
Afterlife in hell
Eternal suffering pain
Powerfull next dimension
Unpreventable needless suffering
Letting it live with the knowledge that
It's existense is worse than the suffering to come.

The sharp blade of goodbyes


Jerry Marty

For farewell
A lump in my throat
Is impossible to swallow
Did I convey sufficient love?
Worry of time and what is ahead
Sadness overflows as a tear drop falls
Will I ever see you again- is this the last?
Fondness - the celebration of good memories
Eyes ache as another moment is etched in my heart
Knowledge of a forever forged future bond
Memories cannot be torn from my heart
Life may perish - while love does not
Did I do enough in your presence?
History is fondly remembered
Not even broken by death
I miss you already
One last kiss

It's a conspiracy


Jerry Marty

Apollo never landed on the moon
It' a hollywood stunt and part cartoon

Jesus and Elvis are still very much alive
Jesus is married to his two hundred twentieths's wife

JFK never existed as one - there were actually three
They were cloned triplets - you don't believe me?

We need to burn all the book about Harry Potter
satan is targeting kids, he's such an evil plotter

Roswell was a cover-up of an alien lizard invasion
Dinosaur bones were placed by god during creation

The Jewish have planned a world domination plot
How come I have not been let in on any of that lot?

With a smile and a wink for all it is worth
I don't really exist there was a cover-up at birth

Randomly chosen?


Jerry Marty

Chosen without a real plan
Just did it - because I can
Done without deliberation
Casual with no consideration
Haphazardly co-incidental
Unsystematic and accidental
Relative to the average mean
Calculated on a super machine
Stings of quantum equation
And long algebraic formulation
A value of indefinite probability
Something well within my ability
No -it was just hit and miss
I can't prove how random it is
BUT -Before you have it annulled
I couldn't predict the result
And really neither could you
THAT - perhaps makes it randomly true



Jerry Marty

Listen to the electronic chirping
A product of revolutionary digital usurping
Hear the mating shrill of the modem hybrid
Then duplicating it's fertile seed bit by bit
Also the loving hum of the aircon fan trail
Preventing the fresh smog from being stale
Taste the natural fresh water cooler stream
See the extraordinary spouting kettle steam
The cable twines dangling from floor to sky
Creatures carrying food and materials scurry by
Twines sapping the juice from the source
While there are creatures busy working the floors
Rustling of leaves ejected by a fax machine
Later shredded during the spring clean

The ring of the heartstring


Jerry Marty

Pretty adorment on my hand,
a glistening golden wedding band.
Symbol of forever and love
presented on white silky glove.
Surrounding feast simply devine.
A large banquet with copious wine.
Undying love ending never.
Now banished , finished forever.
Suddenly stopped right in it's track.
A reflection of... no turning back.
Very scratched and unpolished,
almost completely demolished.
Reduced to less than it's cost,
Just memories of all the love lost.
Value reduced to it rawest core,
rounded like the hole that it tore.
Credit charge with interest to pay,
repaid in a year to this day.
Useless item easy to pawn.
Just hand me the cash while I yawn.
Shimmer from the ring as I pass.
A sparkle safely behind glass.
Impulsive item in display,
repolished and gone the next day
Rebuffed and a glowing fresh start,
as a symbol of love for another's heart.

Passionate brunch


Jerry Marty

The steamy bowl of the message of life
With all it offers, I'm attracted to the knife
I bluntly plunge the sharp tuning fork
Gulping occasional bubbly that I uncork
Truly a glutton I heap the melting spoon
Just a bit more - I might be finished soon
Rather later than soon - that sounded grim
My glass not half full, but filled to the brim
Many more things to do and places to be
Subscription paid, the participation is free
A single taste may be foul, bitter or sour
There is still the rest of the meal to devour
One day you might think I'm a sad sight
Just help not hinder taking another bite
This buffet it's quality or duration unknown
Lets pick off the flesh till pip or the bone
It's not single bites that make it a big deal
To continue dining is the ultimate appeal



Jerry Marty

Plea of glorious darkness for me
Isolation from that loud reverberation
of thumping clock and smokers cough,
pages flicking - lasting for ages
Inkling of nausea and pain tingling
Hazy inflamed mind and vision fuzzy
Sight hurting by all the intense light
Growing unwanted, rapidly increasing
Terrible sharp throbbing turns unbareable
Shivering crumpled foetus waiting for anything
Pleeeease STOP
Fears a life of covering eyes, mouth and ears
anything and everything, incoming and outgoing
Any available remedy to cease the agony
Drain me instantly of all the horrific pain
Otherwise a fatal injection will surfice
Prick of the loving needle to prevent sick
Key of being menace disturbance free
Quick preventative action before getting sick
Often at the chemical mercy of Ibuprofen
Migrained control partially regained



Jerry Marty

Sitting...waiting....with some hope,
but the earth didn't open and swallow
While with a bond that is shared together,
it leaves many feeling empty and hollow.
Yet it is also what keeps them apart,
separated and veiled in public
with their hurting lonesome heart.
Scoured with a blunt carving knife,
waiting for that elusive mate.
Wallowing in their own fluids,
wishful for a pleasant fate.
Mustering all energy to inhale
their secluded cry is in almost silence.
Distance will make it fail.
The loneliness is concealed
from the rest of their identity.
A piece missing from the jigsaw...
Just another lonesome entity.

Just a dream


Jerry Marty

World crafted after my desire
Ambitions fulfilled as I require
Fears horrified and abhorred
Extreme boundaries explored

Leaping without risk of concussion
Being the centre of all discussion
No moral risks for any exposure
Nothing withheld for disclosure

Proven no more illusion than real
Everything you experience and feel
Centralized processing by the brain
Paradox of real, imagined and insane

Crime without fear of prosecution
Wake up after a fatal electrocution
Victim without having to suffer
Superhero that cannot be tougher

Loving and gentle without being meek
Unusual without being labeled a freak
Seriously sick without ever being ill
Out of this world without drug or pill

Accurate but not considered correct
Detailed without need for a single fact
Sensual and knowing it will please
Careless without risk of any unease

Emotions reigning super supreme
Some people call it just a dream
Waking up to the truest illusion
The reality of real life confusion

Learning experience


Jerry Marty

Daddy, I have book about planets
I'd like for you to read
I positioned her on my lap
while catered to her need
With her enthusiastic curiosity
at the wise age of three,
she turning to me and said
"I visited the observatory".
Nanna took me there today
to take look at all the stars.
A lady told me about the planets
including the planet mars.
As I started reading aloud
I misread some vital fact
Naming a planet wrong
as my knowledge lacked
"Silly Daddy, you're just joking
that name is not right"
Pluto is always last
and Mercury closest to the light.
Then she smiled at me
confident that I knew.
I smiled right back at her
just like silly Daddies do.