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Bruce Martin


Livingston, Scotland, UK

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first love


Bruce Martin

i wish i could write a love song
just like the early days.
barefoot you dance,asking questions
i know no answer to.
you hide your passion,you love the risk
that maybe someone knows ?
with one kiss you open my heart,
but this is not love to you.
im a toy in your palm ,you tease and
yet you give all ,but not your feelings.
wrapped in a blanket we play the game,
time and time again,with the same ending.
and bitterness felt deep,i must leave.
the summer has ended,
we bid our fareweles.

god ,we pray for night


Bruce Martin

god ,we pray for night,
the dead lay as they fell.
eyes filled with prussian grey.
the cries of the dieing still echoed.

god ,we pray for night,
someone said they had seen an angel.
tired and weary we said nothing.
soon the madness will be over.

thinking of home we smile deep into
on this rain drenched day our minds wonder.
as the carnage continues.

god ,we pray for night .