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Jodie Martin


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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i'm ok


Jodie Martin

i sit here fazed
amazed yet afraid
you told me you love me
and i love you too
i'm trying so hard to tell you
what is wrong with me
but the wods get stuck and i stumble
it's my personality
you're the only reason i'm here
cause i just couldn't bear
to leave without you
but you pull me up now
hold me close and my heart fills again
feelings of your love that's why i'm here
i sit here fazed
amazed yet afraid
you told me you love me
and i love you too
wondering what to do
who am i?
i don't really want to die
i just want a chance to be someone other than me
someone who's beautiful and free
i want to be happy, to always feel joy
i love you
i don't deserve you
i feel like a hassle, a burden
no one will listen
and i can't open my mouth
keep it shut. stay silent.
i'll try to fool you i'm ok without a doubt.

on finding love


Jodie Martin

the world looks on as those around us suffer:
in pain and despair, she sits lonely and alone.
life brings no joy or hope in that darkness;
she has lost all love, only fear remains.
she can't survive this depression, no one will save her.
the flames engulf her, burning in the pool of sorrow...

a renewal of strength and security, the joy of knowing someone cares.
a love so pure and full, is indeed rare.
a thing to be cherished always.

the crowds gather 'round, astonished at the change:
remarkably she rises and walks steadily on, the beauty of nature
surrounding her.
life brings a new hope in the radiant light;
she has found love, all fear abandoned.
a smile enters her face, she's been saved.
the sun shines down, her smile stays, and she feels pure and absolute