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Mark Ian Martin


Gravesend, England, UK

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Mark Ian Martin

To someone so sensitive
in body and mind
to someone so graceful
so good and so kind
your deep talking eyes
attracting me so
your mystery feelings
im wanting to know

your sensuous lips
that hypnotise mine
to move close together
that kiss so divine
your body just perfect
your skin smooth to touch
the passionate love
that we're wanting so much

Our bodies take over
our fantasies begun
all thou we're two people
our bodies just one.

Nature and I


Mark Ian Martin

Walking alone, by the park
sun is setting, getting dark
not a flicker, not a sound
there's only nature and me around.

Small warm breeze, twinkling stars
rustling trees, distant cars
then the moon gives me a friend
just a shadow for me to lend.

Until it floats away in time
to let the sun break through and shine
so now I'll have to wait in vain
for nature and I to meet again

Good Woman


Mark Ian Martin

Please good woman tell me so
please don't hesitate let me know
if your feelings match with mine
don't hold back don't waste the time.

Life is short so live it good
outcast your fears as people should
so don't hang up don't be affraid
stand up to life you'll find a way.

Set a goal for you to beat
lock in your mind the word defeat
never give in come back to life
for you will overcome the strife.



Mark Ian Martin





No One Else


Mark Ian Martin

There are no words
that can express
the love i feel for you
but i just know
our love will grow
our feelings are so true.

your eyes are like the stars above
that twinkle bright at night
your lips so sweet
just like a rose
that thrill me with delight.

The lonely smile
you give to me
attracts me all so mad
when i kiss
those tender lips
the best i've ever had.

So I must say
there's no one else
I want as much as you
until my dieing day appears
I'll always love you true.

I'm So So Sorry


Mark Ian Martin

When does love start?
When the pain ends
It's a new begining
When hearts can mend.

Never ever known before
Kept it shut,just locked that door
I owned you!, thats what I thought
Still chasing your love, it won't be caught.

It must be you!, it can't be me
I'm not jealous,for I can see
Conspire and hide,you run away
Make excuses,so affraid.

You look so good,so cute to me
I'm driving you away,and I can't see
Blinded by passion,beauty so fine
I never knew,you never was mine.

So much precious time,just thrown in the fire
I was loving you! or was it desire?
I gave you all that I could give
But stole one thing,you haven't lived.

What a time,to close that door
it should have been open long before
Selfish and weak and insecure
That I have been,and you endured.

My pain has just ended
I'm ready to love, to give you all of me
Am I too late? to start again
Same name, differant person now I'm free.

You could see that I was ill
You tried to tell me, but I couldn't feel
When did I know?
When the pain started to go.

Now I feel inside so strong
I look for you, but you have gone
For you the pain was always there
I gave it to you, so unaware.

I'm so so sorry
But ready to live
To take all that pain
To you that I give.



Mark Ian Martin

To cry is but a whisper
The tear that's shed is gone!
The heart that's found a new life
Is right but what is wrong?

Emptiness just fills the air
Blue sky, grey in my soul
The living feelings here with me
Makes me feel so old

I blame temptation, in its wake
To start again as new
Fulfil me give me everything
I thought you knew, I knew

Loneliness is but a cup
Of space to fill a dream
But fulfilment of such life
Gives blood, we call esteem

For when we break our peace of mind
That holds us true as one
Did we get lost? And stumble by
That time when we begun

The shining light, the stars send us
The glow that love's when born
Into our partner of such trust
Forever shall we mourn?

Touch me, feed me, want me, need me
Our jeans to live or die!
If we don't make our lives just so
That's when our souls do cry

Cry me a river, cry me a song
Believe in what you feel
Take care, the passion and the life
A castle of such steel

Just Us


Mark Ian Martin

The vows we are about to take
Shall last forever, that god shall make
I shall give to you, you give to me
In all as one and one we shall be

I honour you; you give to me too
The love and guidance, we always knew
To obey just means to trade
The love the hope, through everyday

This ring I give, I give my heart
My wholly love that never will part
The ring I receive just means the same
To work close together, it's not a game

I cherish your soul; I envy your heart
The reason we are here, is never to part
Yes I do! And you do too
Into a bond, a love so new

For better or worse, is what we agree
To be close together, for eternity
In sickness and health, we are as one
Born in our hearts, since our time begun

The world is much brighter, as we two join hands
Our worlds a lot calmer, it's a wonderland
We two are one; it's them and us
>From this day forward, no broken hearts to mend

Walk with me; let's travel the stars
For just infinity, it's never that far
To be united as one for life
To make you the special woman, my only wife

Piece of Mind


Mark Ian Martin

Do I have to tell you, everything I feel
Someday rainy, someday real
Someday grey, sometimes fine
These feelings inside, not yours but mine

Do I have to show you, every way I see
What belongs inside, belongs to me
Search and steal, and maybe catch
The lies of life, lays on the latch

Beware don't tread, so deep into
The worlds not real, it's made of glue
I'm dreaming of life, dreaming of air
That I breathe into despair

Walk with me, talk with me
Look through my eyes, look out to sea
No storm, just calm, solitude and pride
That's what we see, but not inside

Lets ride the waves, bring back to shore
The broken horse, not wild no more
Just tamed and calm, and so in tune
The winds blow free, across sand dunes

I've been waiting, a lifetime
To feel like this so free
Heaven inside
Bought through into me

I was so scared, but now I am one
With all gods feelings that once weighed a ton
But now is so light, I need not carry
The life I love, I want to marry

Its called piece of mind
Born with it free
Happens in everyone
Happened in me.

Our Tomorrow


Mark Ian Martin

Moving down the isle
Virginal in white
Its is my day in every way
What a precious site

I reach the top, there he stands
So pure my man of steel
Can this be happening to me?
This just don't feel real

Looking into each others eyes
We thought we knew but no
As from this moment our precious time
The love in us shall grow

To look forward and never back
Is all we ask not sorrow?
For we are here, to stay for life
This is our tomorrow




Mark Ian Martin

When we first met, my world had fallen apart
Couldnít pick up those pieces, didnít know where to start
My heart was lost, a well run dry
Until I see that magic in your eyes

Just a trembling man, a captive boy
Locked inside, searching for joy
Lost and alone, no where to go
But you were always here, I didnít know

My tears were inside, I tried to hide
This lost and empty man, without his bride
Waterfalls flow, the noise so serene
To get to you baby; Iím so in between

Feelings what are they
Just all jumbled up
Look inside my empty coffee cup
Is it luck? Iím dumb struck

I felt the earth, rotate inside
A small but deep feeling I just couldnít hide
The wind blew free against my heart
Trying to show me, a brand new start

Was this the way, to really go?
To follow your heart, to just say no
To everyone you think that cares
But left you deep, so unaware

Flowers bloom, time goes on
It passes you by, you must get on
Donít leave it, and wait it may never come
If you wish it hard, it shall be done

What a love, what a joy
To feel so strong, man inside a boy
To show the feelings donít be afraid
Or miss out on life, a love so delayed

New Morning


Mark Ian Martin

So still the earth,it seems to be
The ocean silent and ripple free
The sun breaks through the cotton clouds
Awakes the birds,to sing aloud

The wind that dances with the trees
To break away those amber leaves
Just float and fall,on to the latch
Another mornings here to catch

The air so fresh,few seconds of cold
Awake the tired,loved ones they hold
To breathe and sigh,a little smile
To catch their warmth,for just a while

Kiss her back,with feather touch
To show to her she means so much
Lay and watch,as it is dawning
Into this day,a brand new morning

Search and Search


Mark Ian Martin

We search and search,for we want more
Open and look through every door
Every window we search to see
Just left alone with mystery

I know it's there,I have been told
Every rainbow has it's gold
I shall catch the end,I walk for miles
There is no end,not even smiles

I jump the fence,where the grass is greener
To find myself,it is no cleaner
Then I look back,from where I came
To realise this is just a game

There must be more? I've seen it done
I heard them say, "well this is fun"
But if I jump, I can't go back
This is a oneway track

Shall I jump into that dark?
Just try to find, that little spark
To light my life, show me the way
Then to realise, I had it, everday

Your space


Mark Ian Martin

its dark so dark, so cold so frail
the sun comes up, to show us how
the time we live, does not stand still
the water runs through our veins to feel

the energies flow, we walk on air
tracking memories, for us to share
the moon is dark, so black not whole
the star gate twinkles, for us to hold

physic power, or maybe light
visions of loneliness, caught in the night
time travel, fiction to you it maybe
caught up in awareness, spirit so free

sense of just floating, body just light
into a rain storm, caught in the night
fire does not burn, it tries to behold
flakes that are falling, making it cold

weakness is strenght, the strong try to mark
a place that is empty, out in the dark
out of my body, i give it to you
never ever wanted, this feeling so new

free as a spirit, free to just float
no darkness or evil, no castle no moat
life of just freedom, easy to feel
no wanting no greed no need for soft steel

you found your own body
no physical pain, no skin or no torture
no eyes or no brain
nothing thats needed,to be as just one
with our life infinty, a life thats begun.



Mark Ian Martin

Candle you are burning
with will to live
Candle you are burning
with tales to give

The tales you hide
inside that flame
since you descend
since where you came

Burn bright,don't die
for if you do
then time will stop
no more is you

Crystal Stream


Mark Ian Martin

The moon was shimmering
In the dark
Across the stream
Of melted hearts

The beams of light
Dance in the air
Fairies floated everywhere
Reflected in our myths and dreams
To bring to you a crystal stream

The sound relaxed and took our fears
The running stream of crystal tears
That quenched the thirst for life to be
A clear as water and trouble free

No Home She Had


Mark Ian Martin

No home she had
only the streets to walk
the lights flashed at night
only strangers would talk

Hard earned money
that cash just went
one broken down room
for the kid it was meant

The miles she covered
from just the same spot
the music was loud
the night life was hot

Her mind wasn't with her
only coloured pills
she needed the money
she just needed her skills

They stopped to examine
the goods,did the strangers
nothing else mattered
not even the dangers

Money exchanged
not even a name
that didn't matter
not in this game.

Come Back Home


Mark Ian Martin

Sliding through the subway
warm breeze on my face
noisy horns,from distant cars
trash cans,all around the place

Under ground,the trains glide by
empty and distraught
my love i can't find anywhere
to her i'm just a thought

Run away girl from me now
run away from pain
all them drugs you want to kiss
is killing you like fire
terrorise your brain

May be your one of them
may be your not
may be you want to come back home
to the family here you've got.

Other Side Of Midnight


Mark Ian Martin

He jumped the wall
with a gun in his hand
only a boy,he say's he's a man
running in the dark,with no place to hide
from the lights searching around
and the hounds that cry

He is running from a sentence
he believes in his rights
ten years is too long
too long is ten nights
he's heard a boat leaves,at one a.m
he keeps out the way,to wait for then

The boy is running
running for the other side of midnight
his gun is polished,to protect him
from the dogs,he is running
but he knows that he's got to keep out of sight
keep on running,running for the other side of midnight

The tourches glow around his head
but he can't cry,if he does
he knows he might as well die
the hounds are sniffing
they are getting closer
he holds his breath
or just kiss his ass goodbye

Silhouette of You


Mark Ian Martin

Sitting by the TV
Nothing came in my mind
Distant memories never shared
Heartache, my loves been blind

Watching through the looking glass
Finding a channel to view
But all I see on every side
Is a silhouette of you?

Dont break me down
For once come back, and give me all we shared
Love has no meaning without you
Why part, you know I cared

Tell me whats wrong
My mind has shattered
Before you knew of fame
We were as one thats all we knew
Now its a different game

Your Pillow


Mark Ian Martin

I've never sat alone before
And thought so deep in heart
About a girl who caught my eye
And from then time did start

Here I lay last night alone
That empty feeling there
You never left my mind at all
But your abscense filled the air

I couldn't sleep without you here
Or feel your body also near
This room was dead and cold and blue
But in my heart your love shone through

I closed my eyes
My tears did flow, I cried myself to sleep
I touched your pillow in the night
Come back please Jaine I weeped

My faith is strong in you and I
I'll work real hard and save
And for our home we want so much
Please hurry for I'll be brave

Just one night without you girl
Is very hard to me
But for our future I'll work real hard
To get you back you'll see

Tell Me The Truth


Mark Ian Martin

Was them words you spoke to me
The truth or just a lie?
The moment that you walked out that door
That kiss a lonely cry

Tomorrows just another day
It was written in the song
The stormy night thats here with me
Has never felt so long

Tell me the truth
don't lie to me
Please say the words I want to hear
Tell me the truth
Don't just lie
Hold me tight forever near

The sunset scene, was it just a dream?
In our hearts and in our minds
Forbidden fruits we never shared
Hold me close sweet girl, be kind

I shall wait forever more
Until that distant train returns
Don't be long, I'll be forever strong
For my heart and soul still burns

Tell Me The Truth


Mark Ian Martin

Was them words you spoke to me
The truth or just a lie?
The moment that you walked out that door
That kiss a lonely cry

Tomorrows just another day
It was written in the song
The stormy night thats here with me
Has never felt so long

Tell me the truth
don't lie to me
Please say the words I want to hear
Tell me the truth
Don't just lie
Hold me tight forever near

The sunset scene, was it just a dream?
In our hearts and in our minds
Forbidden fruits we never shared
Hold me close sweet girl, be kind

I shall wait forever more
Until that distant train returns
Don't be long, I'll be forever strong
For my heart and soul still burns



Mark Ian Martin

Today is just Sunday
A day of no cease, the soldiers are coming
A time of no peace
The fire continues, as we keep our heads low
For months without family
In a trench not a hedge row

The only good thing
That we owns moral, to stay close together
In past and just now
We all want home, no fighting no more
Here comes the enemy
We're still in the war

Brothers of war time
Brothers of arms
Put down all weapons
Show us your charms
Come drink our coffee
Lets share our regrets
We want just reasons
We want no threats



Mark Ian Martin

The midnight hour
Struck on time
My lady turned to white
The pretty pink that faded blue
There she was in sight

Gliding over to my spot
She never touched the ground
Was she the lady of the lamp
That time when light was found

Please good lady come along
Please come back to life
Don't be weak be only strong
In dreams of distant light

Now the day begins to break
The night time has disappeared
The lady of the lamps gone now
For she's the one I feared



Mark Ian Martin

Laying out in the sun
Cocktails rule my head
Hear the waves break on the shore
Skin just turns to red

Watching children play their games
Sand pies knock them down
No emotions in their minds
Just the same old funny clown

Beach balls
Ice creams, lemonade
Sinking in the sand
I remember I was young
On a beach of love
Holding Daddies hand

Look at them, they are bathing nude
Hankeys in their eyes
Turn away don't look it's rude
I'm just a child in a man's disguise

Strong little baby


Mark Ian Martin

Strong little baby
Eyes's so blue, hair so sweet
Love so new
At last your here, so close to me
Without you girl I'm lost at sea

Strong little darling
My dear growing rose
When mummy took you away
My book didn't close

Cause you see baby
you've got to be strong
My sweet lady, sometimes I'm wrong
But not this time, I tried,you see I tried
I tried to make her happy
She said she was, but not inside

Now I don't need to cry no more
Faith has sent you to my door
Strong little baby
Hold me tight
Now I can get some sleep tonight

Family Torture


Mark Ian Martin

Walking around the lonely streets
No one else about
Window shopping on my own
Sometimes cry and shout
Here I am a down and out
Nothing here to eat
Cold and rainy, same old way
Nothing on my feet

Where have all my family gone
Never want to know
Except for times, when moneys there
And their faces they would show
Now my livings drained away
There's nothing left to spend
Not a letter or a smile
Do they ever give or send

But one day my luck will change
Never a worry will I tell
For I will make it to the top
They all can go to hell
Piece of mind, Tranquility
Is all one needs in life
Not the money, or the greed
Or depression, or the strife

Broken Dream


Mark Ian Martin

The dance had stopped
The music still played
In distant dreams
My love could not fade

Come back here my angel
Don't fly past my life
Like you did last time
Come back as my wife

When I look back
The troubles we faced
The white cotton clouds
Of loves warm embrace

Parts of our lives
Had broken in two
Not just in me
It happened in you

The stowaway that your dream found
Has made the music cry
The dance we did before you left
Has stopped, my feet have died

If you come back, and start the clock
And turn it from the end
The broken dream that broke away
Will peice together and mend.

Lonely Hearts


Mark Ian Martin

Sitting in the cafe
Coffee cold and weak
Unknown people coming in
Never smile or speak

Fantasies run through my head
Killing my desire
Heaven knows what time will tell
She's burning me like fire

Lonely hearts
That run free
Lonely hearts
Just you and me
Feelings smashed with bits of past
Stay together can it last

What do you want, out of this mess
Carefree thoughts turn real
Imaginations running wild
On captured love, we steal.



Mark Ian Martin

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Time does pass
Broken dreams, thats meant to last
Ornamental hearts to break
True love, false love, what is fake?

Sundial shadow, always there
Setting time your in dispare
Fragile body never shatters
It's your life, thats left in tatters

The sand is time
It is blown free
To catch and make just you and me
You and I thats locked in hand
For we're the people made of sand

Many moons ago, you thought I was past
The sun then came up, stopped you
Let the future build that cast
The storm came rushing in
The tides made time for man
The candle flickered in the wind
In time you'll understand.

Where Am I


Mark Ian Martin

Feeling tired, feeling weak
want to close my eyes to sleep
time to relax, enjoy the peace
and solitude, take it, feast

First the colours, start to appear
lights are flashing a rainbow tear
deeper and deeper you drift away
into a trance, a state of play

There is a vision, there is a light
can't wake up, cause it's to bright
floating down a tunnel of love
not floating down, going upto above

Bright yellow sky's, purple rain
transluscent waterfalls no feeling of pain
fields of bright orange, yellow, and blue
it's all so nice, where does it go too?

The air is so clean, feeling so warm
floating in mid-air, in a colour storm
voices are singing, drawing me near
into a twilight, out in the clear

No food required, no passion, no hate
no body needed, not in this state
feeding through warmth, feeding through love
feeding on energy, sent from above

I'm starting now to get a chill
and falling slow down this deep dark hill
noises around me, there in my head
I was just dreaming, thought I was dead.



Mark Ian Martin

The moon was hanging in the sky
Giving light, the twinkling stars
Love beams shooting across our hearts
Nightingale singing a brand-new start

The end of an era, a new one is here
Everyone stops, gives a millennium tear
Standing watching holding hands
A new millennium, millennium man

The air is fresh, the morning dark
Everyone bonded, bonded by heart
Crying with joy, kissing a New Year
Restart the clock, a millennium tear

Spirits absorbed, energies flow
Love for you and surroundings grow
One whole world, united this way
No one fighting it away

Everyone here with open arms
To greet and hug, millennium charms
Angels are singing breaking our calm
Holding your loved ones close to your heart

Everyone nodding saying hello
Happy millennium, our feelings show
Shaking hands kisses and embrace
Feel the warmth of millennium race

If for this night, itís happy all round
Feel the closeness, no millennium bounds
Carry this night, and plant a seed
To help us grow a millennium breed

Open your hearts the feelings flow
Donít be afraid to say I know
Take on board soak it in
Cleanse it deep, millennium skin

Smiles, good cheer, a merry one too
Love is all and all is you
Stand tall, give love, and give all
Itís your millennium call

Let Us Help


Mark Ian Martin

when my soul meets yours
there is an explotion of engery
never given off before
never known to anyone of this world

it's a fusion of all creation
it's a lust for mankind
it's a future for every living soul
it's us and them

We complain of wanting
but the wanted are alone
if we can give them a small part of us
then the lonelyness will go

we have something special
we've had it since time begun
knowing where our future lies
knowing us as one

My god these words are flowing
never drifted like this before
open your heart to everyone
we are that open door

If for just an instant
we bring love and sunshine to our minds
the feel of love and passion
will heal the hands of time

Our Dream


Mark Ian Martin

sometimes when we dream
things are not right
first there's brightness
then there's dark

We are really there
trying to find the end
trying to give a broken heart
something there to mend

Then we see our loved one's
We try to get in close
We try to make ourselves feel right
but seem to be a ghost

Why does no one help me
To take away my fears
To take away my down days
To take away my tears

I seem to run and shout aloud
I seem to run and cry
but all there's left is emptyness
A water well run dry

Just when I fall
Before touch down
you always wake me quick
My god I need you close to me
before life makes me sick

I try to think
Of what I dream't
I think and think all-day
To satisfy my mind and heart
To calm in anyway

Your not alone
There's loads of us
Who dream alone all night
But then awake from devils door
And everything is right

Why do I need to prey and sing
Why do I need to love
You Know the answer in yourself
Born with it sent from above

They Live In You


Mark Ian Martin

Simple as it may seem
We live our lives
and not a dream
sucking in, the feelings deep
try to awaken, from this sleep.

your heart beats to give me life
to the end of time, it's so concise
in everything you have taught to me
to make me love, to set me free

Your kisses strong, so strong inside
your eyes that sparkle, they cannot hide
the bond that is between us two
a love that no one ever knew.

The darkness falling into our eyes
the stars that light, and shine our skies
tell me? tell me?, it's what we've made
a single heart from two delayed.

Watch my smile, the moon will say
you have made it, in your special way
you touched me so, you felt me too
a moon you took and made so new.

When? does infinity, come to man?
everlasting love, held in your hand
a special gift of life you give
to one person, in you they live.

Roses of Life


Mark Ian Martin

Lazy sun, drifting sea
golden sand, spirits free
soft and warm, beneath our toes
crunching, relaxing, heaven knows

Palm trees standing tall and strong
roots are growing very long
into the earth, to live for years
bearing fruit, shedding tears

The crisp white waves, that foam alive
on golden shores and bright blue skies
warm caresses from the air
salty water every where

birds that sing into our skies
sound that carries, never dies
like two lovers, locked as one
mix this all and it's begun

The only thing in life that's free
thoughts of you and only me
just our Island, just our love
the firing sun that sits above

This is heaven, this is bliss
a world of beauty, our love to kiss
make it last forever more
peace, and love, the words adore

Lay quiet, just dream, relax and feel
the feelings inside you know are real
believe in love, and you will achieve
solitude and a way to breathe.

Taxi Man


Mark Ian Martin

Late night sitting all alone
dark and raining hard
garbage trucks eating up the roads
drunkards being barred

Tramps are sleeping in shop fronts
subway tains glide by
graffiti walls with the slogans there
homeless people cry

I see it all, Im a taxi man
taking my calls from a cravan
start the clock put money in my hand
Im a night time taxi man
taxi man another ciggerette
back of my car i put out to let
covering miles going nowhere fast
Im a taxi man of the past

In my mirror the lights are dancing
girls on street corners, with their bodies enhancing
the sexual power that they employ
on the straight and narrow man they distroy

Club neon lights flashing, open till late
rich men showing off their evening date
one more cocktail and home to bed
hey! taxi man just home I said

I see it all, im a taxi man
taking my calls from a caravan
start the clock put money in my hand
Im a night time taxi man
Taxi man another ciggerette
back of my car i put out to let
covering miles in the midst of the night
Im a taxi man and Im alright

One World


Mark Ian Martin

We were born in just one world
God was here to see
that we loved and cherished life
we were here to be

There is no way for us to judge
others all around
Jesus made the blind to see
Cripples walk the ground

He turned the water into wine
he gave us eyes to see
that colour means nothing so we think
So pure an energy

He cured the sick and helped the lame
kept suffering to himself
It is he we should look upto now
Its him that makes us we

A spirit flys around our world
and lands right in our lap
we take for granted all these things
we think it comes on tap

The sun is setting in the east
the moon rises in the west
it happens its a part of life
not here, for us to test

Just accept and follow with
the love that is inside
then you will be just as one
you'll never have to hide

If you love yourself so true
and others just the same
the you will love your life and god
we learn, it's not a game

True Love


Mark Ian Martin

Have you ever, held in your hand
Something so dear to you?
Then with the blinking of an eye
Disappeared into the blue.

The moments shared, as you stand there
With thoughts "was it a dream"
Gone into the world beyond
Just left with empty pain it seems.

Did the tear fall down your face
Just rain inside your heart?
You held it there, right in your hand
Then showed the way to part.

You close your eyes, to stop the rain
Breathe in deep, a stronger pain
Your eyes so dark, your head so light
Play back memories, lost in the night.

This deeply feeling thatís inside you
Carved in a tree, and your heart too
Explains one love, you thought you knew
Until it really happens true.

It maybe gone, but not for good
Carved in your heart thatís made of wood
Looking at your empty hand
You set it free that wonderland.



Mark Ian Martin

When you pray to the lord
He will listen to your soul
And you'll never have to worry anymore
He's your father, he's your teacher
He's for love, he's your preacher
So don't worry, tell him all you feel inside

When you haven't got no money
Don't be blue
If your dreams are old and wrinkled
Make them new
When you haven't got the feeling
And you have lost your pride
You can run, but never can you hide

So if your feeling lonely
Don't be down
When all hope just fails and leaves you
He'll be around
Just remember, in your heart there is a lord
Don't take your life, Don't pull that easy cord

Father, Father help me please
I am drowning fast in my mind of seven sea's
Someone's got to save me, help me start again
Oh my heart is lost, Please take these tears
Of pain.



Mark Ian Martin

Taking chances sweet romances
Coming on with them slow advances
Shall we party, on the dance floor
Groove ya body, give me what I adore

The parties nearly over
But we're really in the groove
Swing ya hips towards me
Come on baby make it smooth

Throw your feelings free
Baby do it right
Now you've got the fever
Come on make it last all night

Taking chances sweet romances
Coming on with them slow advances
Shall we party, on the dance floor
Groove ya body, give me what I adore

Life is taking chances
And ya really took this one
Boogie baby boogie
Yes we're really having fun

Wrap ya arms around me
As we glide into the night
Baby baby baby this here
Feeling is just right

Taking chances sweet romances
Coming on with them slow advances
Shall we party, on the dance floor
Groove ya body, give me what I adore



Mark Ian Martin

Please girl slow down
Your warm embrace
Just give me time for air
Then start again, just as before
That kiss, that loved and cared

Let's drive our car
One hundred miles
Into the sunset scene
And expose our deepest thoughts
In fundamental dreams

Wildfire burning deep
Deep, inside my head
Please think back, three words you kissed
Remember what you said

Now the moon is in full view
The stars surround your touch
The planets revolving around inside
I love you Oh so much.

My Car


Mark Ian Martin






Your Prision


Mark Ian Martin

We all think a prison
is a place with bars
a thick dark place
that has no stars

A place that is cold
that gives no light
brings us fears
when we sleep at night

We look outside
look to the sun
watching the normal people
having the fun

Laughing and happy
eyes glisten with dew
smiling yourself
wishing it was you

Blinking your eyes
your back in the cell
feelings so blue
coming from hell

Wishing and wanting
some piece of mind
to give back to others
to show that your kind

You think it's not easy
feelings locked in
giving to others
sounds pretty grim

Remember that cell
well it's not up on mars
they are your eyes, you see through
not out those bars

The prisons inside you
be free, when you feel
the love for yourself
and a Continence of steel

Shut Out The Darkness


Mark Ian Martin

Do you feel warm ?
Is everything bright ?
The blues and the reds
And especially white ?

Do the flowers that grow
Grow into you ?
The tears that you cry
A crystal stream to

Does your heart, skip a beat ?
Then beat back in time
Is your world, alot brighter ?
The birds sing devine

Has the storm, thats inside you
Just faded away
To bring to your soul
Another new day

If all this, is yes
Then one things for sure
You have shut out the darkness
And opened Gods door.

Your Our Guide


Mark Ian Martin

Tender love is what you share
your heart and soul is everywhere
greeting life with open arms
thats you linda full of charm

Eyes so deep, you look into
pastures green,things thats true
giving all and taking none
soaking energy from gods sun

Feeling deep and heart so wide
giving people back their pride
so they just don't have to hide
yes you dear linda, your their guide

Words can be spoke by everyone
some lives are shattered just for fun
but with you theres hope so right
giving off your loving light

You will slide through life
with contented soul
aiming and reaching every goal
the sparkle is there
we feel you strong
your lifes so beautiful
thats what we long

Warmth and goodness
that is you
you are our Linda
a fine sprirt to.

Our World


Mark Ian Martin

The waves break music on the shore
The doves in flight, that sing galore
The moon that shimmers on the sand
Turning to gold this wonderland

Reflections cascading in our minds
The wind that blows the gift of time
Corona white as the sun awakes
Angels singing a new day break

The moon that sinks into the sea
The power of life and love that's free
Trees are singing in the sun
Dancing swaying for everyone

The earth rotates, but very slow
You and I would never know
It's giving us the time to see
There's everyone and not just me

You Are Special


Mark Ian Martin

What is beauty, I hear you say
Beauty is special, in every way
Eye of the beholder, that sentence begun
Beauty is special, in everyone

Each individual has something to give
Single and sacred when he or she lives
It may not be in looks; it may be in heart
It may be in talent or some special part

But one things for sure, we all are the same
In body and looks, that's only a frame
The pictures much deeper, it takes you inside
Just like your soul, your heart and your pride

Don't bottle it up, please share it with all
You are the story, that's makes you stand tall
You are the universe, the stars and the sun
You have been special, since your time begun.



Mark Ian Martin

What is beauty, I hear you say
Beauty is special, in every way
Eye of the beholder, that sentence begun
Beauty is special, in everyone

Each individual has something to give
Single and sacred when he or she lives
It may not be in looks; it may be in heart
It may be in talent or some special part

But one things for sure, we all are the same
In body and looks, that's only a frame
The pictures much deeper, it takes you inside
Just like your soul, your heart and your pride

Don't bottle it up, please share it with all
You are the story, that's makes you stand tall
You are the universe, the stars and the sun
You have been special, since your time begun.

My Wife


Mark Ian Martin

I fell into her eyes
And drifted like the light
The colours awoke my sleepy soul
Her passion held me tight.

Her scent was carried to me
On an angels wing
Her lips were red, which made me melt
Her touch made my heart sing

Her smile was of a goddess
No darkness or no cold
Her presence made me warm inside
Her hand so hot to hold

I fell in love
So deep so true
A feeling that I never knew
She had taken all that's blue
And made me live again

Her hair blew free into the wind
Her walk was poised, her silky skin
Possessed with all a woman's dreams
My life, my love, my beauty queen.

The Thorn


Mark Ian Martin

You disappeared into the night
Taken everything in sight
My heart, my soul, my love, my gold
Empty was all I had inside
No dignity, no pride, no bride

I was left, in dark despair
Was there anyone to really care?
All I want is someone to share
A special part of me

Lonely as the driven snow
Nowhere warm for me to go
Floating here all alone
Between life and death, no chaperone

Once inside a fire did burn
My sun was Rio, warmth I had learnt
To dance and play, to eat to say
Across the table of loves array

Up against a lonely tree
Burned in the bark just you and me
Packed the leaves into a bed
To lay your sweet soft head

Both watching the moon go down
On the horizon of love not found
Left the key, to lock the door
The music played, the polished floor

For us to hold, and dance away
In your white dress, this man of clay
To feed each other across a flame
With loves sweet oysters, we both were game

I get on my Harley, ride into the night
A lost ship at sea, nothing right
Seagulls serenading love thatís gone
Into the dark, nothing shone

The dew that forms upon my cheek
A violin of cries to speak
Will she return, and maybe scorn
Will she return, to take her thorn.