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Jodie Martin


Southern, AB, CA

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Trying Really Hard


Jodie Martin

I'm trying really hard
To fake this every day
To fake how I should love you
In every little way

I wish that I could leave
To never see your face again
But what about our baby
What about her then?

I'm living in this nightmare
All alone but with you
The years are going by
I still don't know what to do

When I'm home alone I cry
This is the life I've made
While our girl basks in the sun
I'm sitting in the shade

I wish you would get off
You always find a way in
And in my head I'm screaming
Hate crawls under my skin

I'm trying really hard
I don't know how much more I can
At night I dream of being saved
By anyone more of a man



Jodie Martin

I'm scared to death I won't be here tomorrow
I wish someone could promise me I would be
Another day comes and there's new pain elsewhere
Doctors know nothing say nothing care not
I believe people can die of heartbreak
I believe people can tell when they'll go
I'm so horrified this day might be the last
Normally I'm not the kind to care about it
But now I have a little girl who make me want to live
But you try telling my body that it doesn't listen
Things are getting worse and worse and failing
Not a second goes by where I don't hurt inside
What if she wakes up one morning and I don't
She won't know because she doesn't know death yet
Don't let them give my baby away to some stranger
My head hurt so bad

i love you


Jodie Martin

I once knew a girl named jodie, i still love her with all my heart.
But what can you do when it seems even god wants us apart.
I found this poem and it made me think of her.
I hope she understands I have gotten what i deserve.

I tried my best, I fought, I screamed, I yelled.
But I guess you wanted me to know i was destined to fail.

I wasn't scared of anybody, only you, cause you were the only one whose opinion mattered to me.

you could have always done what you wanted and i guess you did, even running out on me after telling me you wanted a kid.

I will always love a girl named jodie, and she won't feel the same, but it's ok.

I just wanted to show that i will always feel that way.

I don't know all what happened, what made you do what you did, say what you said, i have no clue. like i said i get what i deserve cause i'll never have you.

I am ugly, evil and sick too, but there was something good, its the way i feel about you.

i want you to know most of the things i said were true, but nothing more than the fact, that i do love you.

sorry for hijacking your page! your name is similiar to someone i loved, and maybe they will google themselves one day.