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Cheryl Martel


Windsor, ON, CA

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Heaven's Hues


Cheryl Martel

The morning mist is silent - enveloping and still, motionless, covetous, dense, jealous
Obscuring all - it's moisture-laden arms locked fast, -
Holding captive, heaven's hues, pitching grey-black shadows and rendering the world colourless in the near-day

The sun, weeping, struggles to be free.
To be drunk, touched, inhaled, tasted, embraced,
To inject in a blaze, delicious beams upon the earth
To give consciousness and breath to all things in silent cantatas of illumination
To kiss the trees' moist leaves - saturating, sparkling, dazzling, glistening

To send the mist to it's death, in an celestial implosion of colour.

Cheryl Martel

The Colourful Teen


Cheryl Martel

Blotches of blonde with a strong tint of red
Various colours on top of her head
Stubborn insistance - a mind of her own
Brought to her hair undesirable tone.

Imagine the shock of church members that day
When she sang with the choir in her "bad hair" way
The lights hit those colours and oh how they gleamed!
The colours of seventy rainbows, it seemed
The stunned congregation just sat back in awe
At this colourful, brave little teen that they saw.

Well, it could have turned violet or orange or green
Could have been stranger than 'ere before seen
Multiple shades with a background of yellow
Could have attracted a "colourful fellow!"

So be careful hair-changers whatever your age...
... your hair colour, lifestyle or pre-menstral stage.
Make sure the directions are clear on that box
Or you're sure to end up with some real "unique" locks!

The Snake in the Pool


Cheryl Martel

Jordan Willis was his name
One day he played a little game..
He brought a big snake home from school
And put it in his daddy's pool !

Summer came and it was hot
Dad didn't like the heat a lot
So he thought he would take a little swim -
To cool himself, and jumped right in!

Jordan was playing with his toys
And suddenly heard lots of noise
When he turned around and looked outside
He almost sat right down and cried

Cause there was daddy (scared you see)
Almost ready to climb the tree
And on his face he had that 'LOOK'
So Jordan decided to open a book

In through the door, his daddy came
Loudly calling out Jordan's name
"I'm in trouble now!", he said
And decided to hide beneath his bed

"Come out of there Jordan!," Daddy said,
"Get out from underneath that bed!
I want you to tell me what you were thinking
When into the pool that snake you were sinking!"

"Well, I thought I'd play a little game"
Jordan said from underneath the bed....
"WELL STICK TO NINTENDO!!!" his dad replied
Then they laughed out loud and went outside.



Cheryl Martel

Spring (so they tell us) is finally here.
We've just about got our driveways clear!
The snowmen are melting, they're no longer gay,
Their scarves, hats and carrots are all blown away.

There's mud on the kids and the dogs and the cats.
It's caked on their faces and cute little hats.
The car is a mess and the floor mats are stuck -
The snow shovel's buried somewhere in the muck!!

The robins are singing a little spring song.
The snowstorms should settle before very long.
The drifts are now shrinking, the potholes are deep -
We hope for warm sunshine and breezes to keep

So put away mittens and scarves in a box,
Along with your thermals and warm, woolly socks.
Get out your sunscreen and let out a cheer.........
Relax and be thankful 'cause SPRINGTIME IS HERE!!