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Ceri Marks


Bristol, England, UK

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Ceri Marks

School's out for the holiday;
no classes and presents - "Hip hooray!"
Before we go our sep'rate ways,
there's jelly, cake and party games...

..and this party's going to end with a bang!

We've sang and danced the "Hokey cokey";
laughed and played - so okey-dokey;
pass the parcel - this and more.
We know what we're waiting for.

Nearly time to pack away;
they've brightened up out happy day.
Not much more to do or say;
only one more game to play.

Runnin', jumpin', sittin'!
Sound in my ears ringin'.
Squeals of fright mixed with delight.
Runnin', jumpin', sittin'.

Years go by; less young I get.
No sign of it going yet.
My latex friends cheer up my day;
soft and fragile, here I play.

Sittin', sweet sittin!