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Rita Marendic


Scarborough, ON, CA

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No Words Were Spoken


Rita Marendic

As I was strolling in the park I stopped along the way
To gaze at trees and flower's and watch the children play.
It was then I turned and saw him, he took me by surprise
He stood right in front of me and held me with his eyes
We didn't speak it was all so strange, as I looked up at him
I saw a man I'd known before, and would know again
He was all the men I had ever known and had ever loved
I felt him beating in my heart, his lips they kissed my soul
I breathed him in the very air, his spirit made me whole
We were joined from the heart on that very day
By God Himself and no one else who led us all the way.
As we stroll in the park we remember when,
We met that day along life's way, and vowed wed never part.