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Erik Mann


Summerville, GA, US

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Erik Mann

I wish I could reach out and touch you,
carry on a conversation
or interest you in a date-
but I can't.
I try and my courage leaves me.
I guess we'll never know each other,you and I.

I've drank to get the courage up, popped a pill or two,
stood there shaking, babbling like a fool.
I tell myself I got some kind of mental block-a mild
creeping neuroses for which there is no cure
I've said it often enough,but do I believe it?

I can see me asking,and you laughing to my face
so it's safer not to risk it,to never know.
At least that way I won't have to suffer the inevitable blow.

And then years later I'll find out you liked me,waited forever
for me to ask,
God I feel like such a ass.

A thousand men a day come through here,
and I feel I'm special.
you smile and flirt so well-do what it takes to make the sale.
I take it wrong and think it's only for me,
that maybe in me something special you see.

I lay awake at night and think about it until my head is sore.
Wake up in the morning and think about it some more.
Pedestrian poems to get it all out.
Making sure everyone thinks I'm a lout.

My God, what you must think of me!
If you think of me at all.
I got my little dreams and you got yours.
I pay for my cigarettes and without a word or smile
stroll right out the doors.

There once was a time when I still had some backbone
and didn't spend every night alone
poised and ready for a fervently hoped for ring of the phone.
You have finall lost interest at last-
I'm so sorry-all this really sucks.

I'm shit broke and down on my luck
nothing works out quite as well as we think
So I think I'll kick back and have another drink.

Drink you away far from my mind,until it doesn't matter
and when I finally get too horny I'll go rent a whore.
It's easier when you pay for it,be it sex or food.
No cumbersome emotions to spoil the mood.
My world is plastic-shiny and fake.
Won't someone help me for God's sake?

Psychic Vampire


Erik Mann

Come to me my sweet beauty
let me drain the love from you.
let me watch your soul turns black-
watch as the day turns to night
watch as you remember no more.