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Germano Mandrillo


Taranto, Italy

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Death on the Sun-Train


Germano Mandrillo

Your funeral was gorgeous.
Maybe too many fancy ties and yet
Nothing as death tones in with fancy
And better than poetry
Yellow spots on a blue background
Red spirals on shades of white
and colorful designer butterflies
While you sleep forever,
Happy at last, self-confident.
You know?
I only put on my garish check jacket,
A pitiful echo of 1925-gangsters,
Just to show my dissent.
Go on! You threw yourself out of the Sun-train
After drinking a grapefruit juice of an unknown brand.
And to think that you even joked about its exorbitant price
Shouting in your refined Latin:
"Omne ignotum pro magnifico"
While the flying barman was certainly thinking:
"She's crazy but - my God - how beautiful she is!"
But you had a sudden sense of the truth:
You thought of me at the railway station
Mixing my tears with the early August rains
Weeping for joy as you were coming back
And you: to spite me? for tragedy's sake?
A craving for the front page?
Is it of any use to know why?
You flew out of the window like a packet of cigarettes
And whistling through the air you howled your last will:
"Keep on loving me!"