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Tin Suharti Nova Mamonto


Jakarta, Indonesia

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Power Of Dream


Tin Suharti Nova Mamonto

There's a time when I know you're there
In my dream somewhere
Wanna reach your hand and let you into
My world of dream
Where we can share our world together

Honey, this is the power of dream
And it's just you and me
Drown into the ocean deep
Sleep under the shooting star
Love upon the moonlight
And it's just you and me

There's a time when I feel you're here
In my dream you're so near
Wanna give you all my feel
Whatever it means
Honey let me in
Close your eyes 'coz dream's waiting

Honey this is the power of dream
And it's just you and me
Paint the sun sets in red
Breathe the green mountain
Bathe under the rainbow
And it's just you and me

I know it's crazy
When you take me there
Ev'n we'll never be together
But I'd give my world to you
Where noone can touch you there
Then you will be mine forever

Honey when you wake up into the real oneday
Let this power of dream lead you back someday