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Anish Majumdar


Lasalle, QC, CA

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block party dreams


Anish Majumdar

the mornings used to bring huge guilt
in the half-way state, sharp demon prongs
can`t really sleep, to lazy to wake
all those fears crowding my flaccid body
like having to piss while dreaming

Out the window, a March snowfall
a spring land faking dead winter
no wind, silence (and shopping)
I look out and see what`s coming

Angel Sun
a pure heat that glues you to the street
Blocks filled with hip-hop, whiffs of grass
wispy old ladies explode into summer smiles

I dance with a girl
(dim cricket sounds surround us)

she`s pinned her hair back
smell of shampoo
we`d never talked
now we stare

Guilt burned away

weak-kneed experience

Adrift, in silence


Anish Majumdar

lying in bed, my love and I
she's curled around me, feigning sleep

making love,smoking cigarettes
Crash and Burn struggle in the heart of the city

"I have to work late tonight"
"Maybe I'll see you tomorrow"
bye...(but where will I be tonight?)
smoking cigarettes in a random bar
sleeping with silent mice in a hostel
waling cold spring streets, alone, while she sleeps in ignorance two stories above-

I miss her when she goes

I love her...
only I remain, alone