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Giuseppe Di Maio


Torino, Italia

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A song for Bianca


Giuseppe Di Maio

Behind any face of woman i have met
i found out yours

Few times in my life i've fallen in love
most of them i couldn't reach those hands
those eyes

that some hawk stole from my world.

At the end of the day my "creation" is null
but your smile makes me new
your eyes are sea
it's my force, it's my glue

Anytime watching
is a brick doing a wall
any step is a joy
it's written -ah!- but
unspoken words

Under my skin
there's a song that always makes me feel in love
Over my chin
there is a song that always heal my blues

which is just like turning your head
to watch the clouds again
and to notice that my eyes are grey
and the sky is blue

All these lyrics just to say
that i've been missing you.