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Wayne Maharaj


London, England, UK

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Once more


Wayne Maharaj

Eyes shut tight against the cold,
The numbness outside no comparison,
To the chill your heart bestows upon you,
Caught in sleeps shallow web.

The morbid visage persists,
Calling to you again,
And again her eyes stare,
Through your empty smile.

Reality creeps like a shadow,
From the recesses of your mind,
Burying itself deeper within,
Awaiting its curtain call.

A distant wailing churns,
Breaking the twilight state,
Mouth contorted, screams,
No sound_silence reigns.

Clawing, shredding at strands,
Which bind you to this morbid space,
Specks of light emerge,
Till awake once more.

The dampness of your brow,
Mirrored by your tears,
Which fall like drops of rain,
From hopeless eyes.