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Patna, Bihar, India

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Whenever I part my hair



Each morning the sun rises as a routine....
And I try my best to part my hair so that,
I might look like a sensible teen,
A good one, with proper habits about hygiene.

Unfortunately as much as I try_
To make my hair sit down flat on my skull,
After I wash it and make it dry,
There always seem to be some hairs that deny.

That they have an owner who will care_
To make her parting straight and precise,
Or the scolding of her teachers she will have to bear,
So to transgress she does not dare.

Most of the hairs donít want_
To go either left or right of the parting,
But to stand up straight and flaunt,
Their long brown bodies and figures gaunt.

Till I throw down my comb in disgrace_
After a morning fruitlessly spent,
In trying to comb my hair to grace,
Forgetting my teachers, I run off to school in haste.