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Ginalyn Magtibay


Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

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Eating Wonderin


Ginalyn Magtibay

Talking myself like crazy
Looking to the people passing by
Counting steps in the street
Thinking how to fly
Touching the sky
Talking to someone up there
Asking for nothing

Crazy that's who I'am
No body knows my heart is empthy
My brain don't function
My system stucked
It's me a robot
Robot, need to charge up for me to fight
The feeling I thought i dont have
Why i feel like this?
Why i'm thinking of you?
Why i dont know who are you?
People thought I'm crazy
But I know i'm realy are
But i realized
I'm just inlove
In love with you

Hope you feel the same way too
Love that's the only feeling i have right now
You is the person that only on my mind
and in my heart
I love you is the words i can only say
That's me Human

Hey... Come join me
have a sit and eat..

I Dont Want To Love You


Ginalyn Magtibay

I Donít Want to Love You

Iím walking in the rain

When I met you

You share your umbrella to me

And asked me I walk through and through

I look at you in blank

With the tears in my eyes

You comfort me and wiped the tears I cried

Iím so up set

To every thing that happens in my life

I donít know what the wrong I had done

Why punish me for the reason I donít know

That moment you came

Help me in despair

Carry me and lift me up

You wiped the tears I cried

You show me the perfect world

And live with a happy life

I become fashion ate and wild

Happy and free inside

But thereís a complicated things we have

I canít make you mine for life

I donít want to love you

But how can I?

When you are the one you show me

The perfect world I have right now

I donít want to love you

But baby I canít stop the beat of my heart for you

I donít want to love you

Coz the world you built in with me will be broken

I donít want to love you

Please help me not too

But how can I?

Now that I really fall to you

I donít want to love you

Coz time will come

I will crawl in the mud that my tears made up

I donít want to love you

I donít want to love you

Don't Make Me Fall


Ginalyn Magtibay

I met you on the time that Iím alone
The time Iím down and want to stand tall
I asked for helped and you never said no
You gave your hand to me
And thought me to be strong
For me to stand every time I fall

You held my hand and looked at me
You gave your smile and said donít worry
Youíve been nice and too good to help me
For that I like you dearly

You told me to be strong and fought this game
Youíve been my armor when the storm came
Youíre honest and never hesitated to care for me
Even I know some day youíll go and leave me

Thatís why Iím telling you
Donít make me fall
Donít make me fall for you

Youíre the man I need in my life
Youíre the one I pray for God
Youíre the man I want to be with forever
Please donít make me fall

Thatís why Iím telling you
Donít make me fall
Donít make me fall for you

Youíre the man I can surrender my self
Youíre the one I want to spend my life
Thatís why donít make me fall
Donít make me fall for you
Donít push me to make love to you
Donít make me fall in your arms tonight
Coz I tell you I never wanted to get up

Donít make me fall
I told you donít make me fall
Coz I donít know how to stand alone
When your gone and leave me for your home

Donít make me fall,
Donít make me fall for you

The Innocence


Ginalyn Magtibay

A simple lady from a free country
Move in the world of liberation
She goes her life as the same as she was
But temptation made her wild

She met many people in her life
But one nice man captured her heart
A simple and adventurous girl fall in love
And let the man take the innocence in her

A man she just met for some time
A man who speak so sweet and linger in her mind
A man who canít be with her for life
But thereís no regret she felt inside

Happiness and sadness occur
Sheís thinking that shell loss the important people
If shell follows what her heart and mind tell
And now sheís wondering
Is it right to move on her own life
Or follow what someone she love wants

There is some thing she lost
But the innocence in her heart still there
Thinking how to handle life as it was
And the life ahead in her

Consequences need to know
For some innocence will not hurt
But she must move and live her life
Than to cry and mess her life around

The innocence still there
Even she surrendered
The innocence will stay in her heart
Till the time sheís ready to live as woman who fall in love

Can't Lie To My Self


Ginalyn Magtibay

The first time I saw you
Iím felt so strange
I canít help thinking
Why your face canít erase
When I looked at you
I said to myself
I wish youíll be mine

Then destiny gave second chance
I met you in the worst part of my life
You give me hope and strength to fight
You help me up
And took care of me without a doubt

I give to you my self as a reward
While Iím thinking itís only for once
Coz we canít be together
Without love

But why I do miss you
When you disappear
I want to see you
And again want to make you near

I tried to forget that night
When we make love
But I canít help myself thinking
That I had you in my arms

Every time I saw you I cry
Coz I canít lie to my self but I tried
I tried not to fall for you
But how can I?
Now that I realized I want you to be mine
Coz I fall for you without a doubt
I fall even I know someday Iíll be hurt
But I rather hurt than lie to my self
That I fall in the crazy man on earth

What Would I Do Now?


Ginalyn Magtibay

One night Iím on despair
I changed my clothes
And go down stairs
Walking on the street
Doesnít know where to go
Just thinking what went wrong
In life I decided to get along

Walking though and through
Thinking, crying and asking what would I do?
Had I done something wrong?
Why Iím being alone and take all this in sorrow?
Why will happen to me?
When thereís no body could help me?

Still walking though and through
Thinking, crying and asking what would I do?
Then I got tired and stop for a while
Setting in the bench I find
Trying to ease the pain inside
Calming self and try not to cry
Coz Iím afraid maybe somebody will find

Iím strong everybody said
Iím strong they believe every thing I said
Iím strong they salute me for that
Iím strong never cry and never give up
Thatís why now Iím crying for the weakness I have

I have no one right now
Coz I canít show them Iím weak
Iím stronger than any one
I never cry and never weep
In the front of other who made me their strength
When their in deep

What would I do now?
When thereís no body care?
What would I do now?
When I can show the world that Iím on despair?
What would I do now?
When they idolize me?
What would I do now?
When they know Iím not strong
Like what they thought in me
What would I do now?
Iím alone and no one cares for me?

Crazy Weird One


Ginalyn Magtibay

A lonely soul who wants to be happy
Keeping the smile in the face even sheís lonely
Look in the world as paradise
Feel life as fantasy

She always wanted to rain
For every body not to see her crying
Helping others solving problem
But problems of her she always supper

Crazy weird one they call her
Crazy for loving a man who never be hers
Weird for surrendered and trusted
The man she barely knew

Adventures she wanted in life
Sheís challenged by bad guys
She takes situation that make her hurt
She took the risk, accepted and never regret

Story of her life doesnít fit the reality
Coz sheís living in the world of fantasy
She wants her life to be fantastic
Thatís why she live where there is magic

Magic of love, magic of life
If you have this power you can do anything
You can move the mountain or made sands from the stones
As long as you have these power you never be loose

Crazy weird one they call her
Of thinking something that never happen
She just wants her life to be happy
And by doing this poem she seems to be worthy

Crazy weird one thatís they call me
A lady who want to be a girl for eternity
For me not to be lonely
Just make fun, play
Not encounter problems of family

Crazy weird one I want to be
Coz I donít want them to know whoís real me
Coz even I told them my real story
They just laugh and never believe me
While saying "you are weird and crazy"

Holding Tight


Ginalyn Magtibay

Calling your name when you sleep
Whispering I love you
While you canít hear
Touching your face and memorizing each lines
At least I will have you in my mind

I keep on holding tight
Not to fall in love
I tried to ignore you
But I canít say no when you ask me out

I keep on holding tight
Not to fall for you
But what can I do now
When I surrendered already to you

Holding tight, holding tight
But always loose my grip in life
Coz I choose to hold on to you
Even I know you will leave me soon

Holding tight of my feelings
For you not to know
Coz I knew thatís mean
Of letting you go

Holding tight, holding tight
Please help me to hold tight
For me not to loose my precious life

Seeking for Answer


Ginalyn Magtibay

I went from here in there
Asked to every one Iíd met
Looked for something
That maybe can give answer

I walk to get in somewhere
I run to catch the thing that maybe there
I travel and searching for answer
I still got nothing but another problem

Seeking for answer
That mind keep asking
The question from my heart
Coz I never know why
Whatís happening in the world now?

I use to leave in peaceful place
Iím with my family who always had smile on their face
Iím just dreamed a better life for them
That at least their not empty when I need to leave

But what I have right now?
Broken heart whoís weeping
Broken wings that couldnít make me fly
Somebody help me to fix them up
For me to get going and made my dreams come to life

Living empty here
In the place that far from my dear
Lonely and crying inside
But I have to move on
And made my life comes back

I need to be strong
To walk, run and fight for this life
For the dream I have inside
And for the answer that I longer for my life

Calling Your Name


Ginalyn Magtibay

I woke up in the middle of the night
Searching you on my side
Hoping I can feel your body
Like that memorable night

Then I scream
Calling your name
Why do I feel this way?
Wanting you every night and day
Then I whisper
Calling your name
Asking how will it happen again?
When youíre already gone

I never forget that first night
That you become mine
We spend the night together
While we dance in our own rhythm

I called your name
And said thanks to you
For this night you spend with me
Because tomorrow it will be through

Now Iím alone
Thinking of you
Wishing youíre here with me
We spend the night and dance like we used to be

But how will it be
When you left without telling me
On the time you heard me say
I love you all the way

What will I do now?
I always wake up in the middle of the night
Screaming and calling your name
Saying Please come back

I Will Fly


Ginalyn Magtibay

Tomorrow I will leave
I will fly even I donít have wings
The wings that lift me up
Make me high and take me far

Far away from my home town
The Philippines where I was born
In the province of my people
Who understand and care for me

What ever happen they make me happy
Worst thing I done they forgive
And bad things I done they forget
But all the good in me they love it
And they didnít forget me

I will fly and go
To other town I use to work
I need to leave because I care
To all the people
Who love me and care

To all of you thank
I will not forget
The time we had
I will treasure that in my life
Until the life of mine through

Life in Paradise


Ginalyn Magtibay

They said thereís heaven
With angel and everything is good
They said thereís life beyond
That we donít know, we canít see
But we will go there
After our life in this world ends

People said itís too good to be alive
But sometimes when people get hurt and tired
They said I wish I wasnít born
Coz in life thereís a misery
But after thereís happiness

Life can be misery defends on you
Life can be happy defends on people can do
Life here is good but also not
But we have to fight for us to live in paradise

They said life in paradise is easy
You can do anything for free
But you donít have the right to hurt people
Coz itís the thing against nature

Life in paradise is so good
Hope weíre in paradise
To live for life
That not crying, not hurt, not dying

But can you ask "Is there love in paradise?"
Coz when thereís love thereís hurt
Life in paradise
Hope to live in paradise
Paradise that full of love and life

Crazy Fool


Ginalyn Magtibay

Looking at the dark
Searching for nothing
Take some air
And throw in wind
Living in the sky
Swimming in the clouds
Crawling in the see
Dive on the land

Craziness it may seem
Foolishness they may think
For doing impossible things
But make the birds sing

Crazy fool they call me
Crazy fool yes that is me
Crazy fool of loving somebody
Crazy fool of being mind free

Living alone and lonely
What do you think I may be?
Cost some damage to people
But help them set their heart free

Solving puzzles of everybody
While mine messy and dusty
Coz I will not be happy
If thereís no body will solve the puzzle with me

Crazy fool Iíll be really
When you will not listen to me
Crazy fool Iíll be really
When you just stand there and watch me
Crazy fool Iíll be really
When you hear my story and just laugh at me
But be careful in this crazy fool
Coz she may cut you into pieces
To make her puzzle full

Rain Love


Ginalyn Magtibay

Here I am watching the rain
Asking why they used to fall
Thinking whatís the reason of it?
And thinking when it gonna stop

Like love I feel inside
Why I have to fall in love
When itís only hurt my heart
Whatís the reason of feeling this?
If itís only tearing me apart

What will I do to make it forever?
Even it means of tears always falling
What is the use of falling in love?
When I canít stop the pain I have

They said falling in love is the one of the happiest feeling
But they didnít told me
That is the most painful feelings when you get hurt
And itís the deepest scars you ever had

But still I love of feeling it
I love of tasting it
I love to keep it forever
Even it means of always crying

Like rain in the flowers
Rain can make the flowers bloom
But also it can make the flowers drown
But still flowers want the rain
And keep it until their blooms
Even it means of drowning

Love is a wonderful feeling I had felt
And love is the feeling that always made me hurt
But Iíll take all the consequences of love
Just to keep it for life

First Time


Ginalyn Magtibay

I had waited for so long
For a message and call
But Iím the one who done moves
To have contact with you

I love you thereís no question on that
You said you love me but my heart always ask
Is it real? Is it true?
Or my hearts wants to feel you
Thatís why it always believe in you

Patience, I have lots of patience
But please donít waste it
Donít push me to a heart break
Donít make me feel that I have no right to love at all

I always understand your reason
I always have time to listen
I always love you as you
But what do I got?
I almost feel of losing you

I love you who ever you are
I care for you even your too far
I always remember you when Iím awake
And praying that dream of you when I sleep

I miss you my love
But when can I see you?
I want to hold you in my arms
But Iím just waiting for you

When will it happen?
When we will be together
Hope when that time comes
It will be forever and never be apart

I love you so much my love
I just wish and pray that you feel the same way too
I know it will be forever
When our beat for each other

Thanks God


Ginalyn Magtibay

Every morning when I wake up
I say thanks to God
For the good night and another day
That he gave me all the way
I saw the sun in the window
And I know thereís something I must do

The thing to find you
You the man who going to do
Everything for me
I wish that, that day will come
And I wake up and find you on my side

Thanks to God for giving you to me
Thanks God that youíre here for me
And I thank him for giving me a man like you
Who will spend the life with me
For the whole life through just for me

Someday when the right time comes
Weíll be together and never part
I hope you want it too
Because I know you love me too

Itís not a Promise


Ginalyn Magtibay

Lots of things happened from the past
My love doesnít know me and I donít know him as well
We just love each other as we
And hope to be happy and together

Problems trials comes
And I know weíll going to make it
As long as we have each other arms
As long as we have love in our heart

I love him as he love me
We have lots of deferenceís but we want us to be
To be with each other forever
And make all things possible as it may be

He loves me as I love him
And it will be forever I know
What ever problems we may encounter
We will solve it together

Itís not a promise
But we will do it for sure

Why? Thatís the Question


Ginalyn Magtibay

Why there so many people ask themselves why?
They donít understand the meaning of life
Is life is like a wind that passes by
Or life is like a river that no ending flows
Will the summer turn the ocean dry?
Or will the spring turns the earth stop?

Why is the question of every one?
Why because they donít know how to live their life around
Why every body asked why?
Why Iím just a poor and no food to eat?
Why Iím rich but no love receive?
Why Iím so sad? Why Iím so glad?
Why Iím suffering and the other are jamming?
Why the others laugh and why the others cry?

Many people asked themselves why?
Why Iím like this?
Why Iím not beautiful
Why I have lots of problem?
And why I have to cry?
Why people fall in love?
And why people get hurt?
Is it the meaning of life
Or Life has no meaning at all?

Why? Thatís my Question.

My Boring Life


Ginalyn Magtibay

People asked what I am doing to my life
They asked me do I got out for night life
When the last time I watched movies
And eat in the fancy restaurant

Did I ever get into saloon and make new hair style
Did I color my hair brown or my nails comes shine
Do I go parties and make some fun
Or go to watch concert of a celebrity man

What I am doing to my life
Without nothing to do
Just go to work then after go to room
Sleeping eating working thatís my life
They said too boring for a single lad

What should I do to have happy life?
I need to spend money for me to have that
But after what will happen to my family?
I had some fun and they got hungry

Thatís I donít want to happen
Iíll take the risk of being alone
To live my boring life on my own
Than to have some fun
At least for that my family can smile

My life is boring
Yes it is
But I can live it my whole life
For the sake of my family
Whoís counting on me

I know time will come it will be through
I will have my happy life soon too
With the man who will love me
And I will share my whole life through

Memories of Yesterday


Ginalyn Magtibay

Weíd met in the time that Iím broken heart
You make me happy and heal my heart
You made me smile
And get me back to life

Youíre the reason why Iím strong
I can do anything because you get along
But I become weak when you disappear
And now Iím on despair

I wanted to move on with my own life
But memories hunting my mind
The love I have for you still inside
But I choice to give your freedom for us survive

Memories of yesterday never leave me
I want you always to be near me
But thing has changed and never get back
My heart belongs to you but not my mind

I have to survive without you on my side
At least even your gone Iíll be alive
Every things change but not my heart
Always it feels like yesterday that youíre on my side

Itís been eight months when weíre together
But for me itís just like yesterday
I still feel the warm of your kisses and your embrace
But I keep on holding for my heart not to break

Its only yesterday when Iím with you
But this day came me and you are through
I need to accept that past is past
I canít bring back the things to where it start

Just memories of you and me Iíll keep inside
Until you find someone who will love you right
I keep on holding tight
That even Iím alone I can survive

I been happy yesterday that Iím with you
Coz I hold you in my arms and make me feel alive
Now that youíre gone on my side
I just keep the memories of yesterday in my heart

My Dear Friend Ching


Ginalyn Magtibay

Ching, my dear
Youíre a dear to me.
Even you will laugh
And never believe me.

The first time I saw laughing out loud
I smile and think what I am from the past
I like you as what I said
And I love you now my dear friend

I just want you to know
That every body thought
That you are very strong
They didnít notice
That you just acting like one

The outer strength they usually see
Coz it covers up the weakness inside
They know you can fight
But they didnít think
In only one thread you may fall down

Life is like a test my friend
Itís easy to pass the first
Then you will think for the second
You will ask question for the third
Until you cry for the fourth
But still passing each test

The things I want you to know
Is to pass all test before taking the other.
You may leave them behind
But I tell you, you have to back
And fill all the lines and answer the blank
For you to breath easy
When you submit your life
To the man who you belong
And never ask "what if" to your self anymore

My dear friend
You have to be strong not only outside
You have to lift you weakness to strength
For you to survive and stay alive
Coz feeling sad all your life
Is like you living without life
Thatís why Iím telling you friend
Be happy even just for once
Show your love donít hide it inside
For you to survive
And live your life alive

I donít want you to fall down
I donít want you to get hurt
I donít want you to cry
But you know that is life
Coz there is no life
If you are numb.

For You My Love


Ginalyn Magtibay

I give my heart and soul all for you
You will always on my mind and Iíll always loving you
Since the day that I met you
I promise to my self that youíre the only one
Feeling that I canít live without you in my side

I pray to God for me to win your heart
And be forever with me all my life
Nobody can explain how much I love you
No body can say if I really do
But deep in my heart I canít live without you

People will say I am crazy
But I donít care coz I really am
Iím crazy coz Iím in love with you
And Iíll be numb if you will go
My love, my heart belongs to you
I donít want to get hurt again
Thatís why please take care of my heart
Coz youíre the one whoís there
And taking you out will never happen

The Life of Being Alone


Ginalyn Magtibay

Being alone is not easy
You will struggle life like empty
You will do the work to live
But your life seems too sad

Sometimes you can be happy alone
you can do any thing on your own
No body will stop on what you want to do
But sometimes you need someone who will take care of you

You will get what you want to your self
Even career will get well
But will you be happy with out someone
Someone you can share the joy you have

Being alone is to sad
You will ask your self why there's no one on your side
Living alone and cry inside
everyday and every night

Always laughing when your with your friends
Always wishing that it will never end
Looking for someone to be with
That will take you close and dream with him

Lying in the bed at night alone
Feeling so empty and cold
Looking to the sealing and dream
Mesmerizing the past with him

To love someone and to be love i pray
But always when i find him he'll turn back away
I was thinking what went wrong
Do he feel my love or never like me all along

I'm the woman who love to love
But sometimes I think showing my love made him walked away
I just told him what I really feel
Too love him more than myself I think he thought not real

Showing much love made him think I'm not real
Now i don't know what will is the good thing
Should i show my love or hide it inside
Maybe that time I will keep him mine

Honesty is the very good thing in relationship
But why sometimes misunderstanding it lead
I thought it is the way to get his heart
but now I realized sometimes you have to keep other things inside

But me is me
I will not just change myself for you to love me
Coz if you really love me
You will respect and accept the real me

Being alone is sad
I know coz I always feel that
Now dreaming of being with you
But what can I do
If too much loving you made you go

Thank you for the memories
Thank you for the friendship
Thank you for the love i felt from you
I will always think that it's true

Thank you for everything
I will never forget the joy you bring
I will never regret that I met you
I will never regret that I give my heart to you

Time will come I will wake up
I will smile even your not on my side
I will think of what we had dream
And I will just close my eyes and think you are near

Feeling alone is too hard
But I will make it I know my love
Just take care of your self everyday
I'm just here when you need a hand

I'm your everything
And you may always lean on me
Even your not mine anymore
Your in my heart forevermore

Maybe someday we will meet again
I wish and pray you'll be ok
I know I will be happy on that time
Just seeing you makes me feel fine

Lot's of dream I had with you
All of that never came true
But I'm happy I had a dream
At least I have a memories from you

My Love, My love
I will never forget you
I maybe hurt
But I will never hate you

Your part of my life
And never want to forget
I'll always think of the dreams we had
For me to smile and laugh again

Don't worry bout me
I'll be fine and I'm free
I can survive I know I will
Just please take care my dear

I love you God knows that
Maybe my love made you leave
But if my love is not enough
Maybe it's too much

My Daddy I love you
Your the one who made me feel special
You made me laugh and cry
Joy and sad moment I had

Your my everything My love
I will just be here when you need me
I'm your friend and always will be
Even the love of you just vanished

Living alone is hard
Living alone is too sad
But it's ok my love
At least I have your memories on my mind
And your love in my heart

The person I called kuya Eric


Ginalyn Magtibay

Once upon a time I meet him on line
I saw his profile and became friends
Sometimes we talked some times weíre not
Whatever happen heís still a friend of mine.

There was a time I talked to him
I was shocked when he told me he has a girlfriend
I am happy to know that his honestly told me
It means that he treat me as his real friend even we never meet in person

Then on that time he told me their story
He said theyíll be marry soon even they havenít meet in person
I was shocked again but I congratulate him
Wishing him the best coz I know heís really in love with her

Kirzten is the name of the girl he love
I always see on line the name
Like heís shouting to the world that
That itís the girl he loveís
And by that gesture he always made me smile
And thinking that Kirzten youíre a lucky one

As days goes by and always talk to him
But only the Topic is Ate Kirzten
I always smile coz They made me inspire
Coz Iím also fell in love to the man I havenít seen

He never contented for him to tell me the story
He also wants me to meet Ate Kirzten on the line
And of course I am willing coz they both made me inspire
He introduced me to her as a friend and little sister in Dudai

Days gone by till they got bonded in their own way
It makes me happy coz he they prove the love for each other
Coz Even theyíre not yet meet the feeling is in there
Sometimes Iím talking to both of them and always made me smile
Coz I remember my love living outside Dubai

I always tell to my self that we will be happy like them
That our Love is not impossible like the other had said
We both feel the same way even not seeing each other
What more what weíll feel when we get together?

The Person I called Kuya Ericson
Inspire me to write this poem
Even itís not really good
It makes me feel proud

Coz the Love of Kuya Ericson to a lady called Kirzten
Is Love the that I know how real
Coz a man who shouts the name of he loves in the world
He meant it and it will be forever
No body can take that feeling out except Ate Kirzten
And I believe that it will never happen
Coz Ate Kirzten too much Love him

I am saluting you Kuya Eric and ate Kirzten
I know even trials come youíll both will survive
The Love in your heart I know will never be apart
Even the wind blows and taking one of you away
Just never give up and hold tight that felling of love

Being too far to your love is too hard
Lots of thing might happened even you donít want
Temptation, problems, things that might someone will misunderstand
But honesty, Trust, Respect, listening, understanding and Love
Are the things we always need to have for the one you love
For both of you stay together even your far apart

Soon when the trials and problems are over
You will be together forever
And everybody says youíre the one of a kind
The lovers who survive from online

Around The World


Ginalyn Magtibay

Different traditions
Different culture
Different minds
Different in every thing
There is nothing called the same
Only similar in some thing

Iím one of a unique person
Unique coz Iím only one
The one whoís behaving like this
Like an crazy little weird one

People has differences
Similarity makes them close
But sometimes it cost of mess in their lives
When either one of them donít know
What is wrong and what is right.

Fighting for something
Fighting for nothing
Neither of them doesnít know
What is the reason why they are living?
It's Not to have nonsense fight
But to make worthy life

Last time


Ginalyn Magtibay

I feel in love to the man I never knew
I don't know why
he made my heart beat
though I never saw him once

he made me fell in love
he made my heart hurt
but still Iím here for him
willing to take him no matter what

but suddenly I realized
maybe its meant to be
to hurt by someone
whoís only be with in my fantasy

I been hurt before
and now again I am
but maybe it will the last time
coz my heart will never want to fall in love

being numb maybe is the best
for me not to get hurt
they just want to use me
I maybe will use them too

its better than ill always fall in love
coz I know I will fall again and get hurt
this will the last time
I will not let love make me fall again
and make me crawl while weeping

Take care my love
you'll be the last who will made me cry.
Soon thereís no tears will fall
I will laugh at loud never hurt at all

I will do my best to get rid of this feeling
coz I know your only just a dream

I hate Promises


Ginalyn Magtibay

As time goes by people seems to be fine
Relationship always good until you promise one
You made it and promise again
Until promises made and then will forgotten

Questions in mind question in heart
Lots of question but still no answer
Answer the question why
But still too hard to say the reason why

The reason that maybe hurt
But you donít know what ever it is
It still be hurt and the pain is there
Never gonna fade until you get the real answer

Why itís too hard to speak the truth
Why speak the lies that still break the heart
Why not say every thing for us to understand
And maybe we may solve all the questions and wipe the doubt

Why the people keep on promises
And then they not do and always forget
Always has a reason that you will get hurt
Then they will tell lies they think you will get hurt
But they didnít know it hurts more than the truth
The truth is what I want
The real reason why I cannot have
Please tell me the fact
I hate promises but I never hate you

Life and Love


Ginalyn Magtibay

The days passed by and people change mind
Feelings disappear losing the sign of love
Born a new one and struggle in the dark
After the sun light up then the heart turn to smile.

The memories of love
The pain still at heart
Thinking how to move on
Thinking how to live life

Life and Love
Life is the thing that with in you since the day you weíre born
And love is the reason why you live in this world
With love thereís no you
With out you thereís no love
You canít live without love

Iím one soul that searching for happiness
Happiness that I couldnít find with out someone
Someone who will make me laugh and
Someone who will be with me all the time

People wanted perfect life
But thereís no perfect in this world
Maybe there are times you feel your perfect
But after the long thinking you will know
And you will find that still there are pieces that missing inside

The earth that revolve turn your life dark
But after, the sun will give you light
The wind that blows made the feelings alive
And move towards the new life

Again along the road you will see the ups and downs
The way sometimes rocky sometimes clear
Sometimes you need to stop look around you
And try to figure whatís happening around
And ask your self "Do I need to move or I will have a good life here?"
"Do I have to stand or make things while Iím alive?"
You have to be sure what you want in your life
For you to have path to move and goal
And have another life

The Life without life


Ginalyn Magtibay

Walking on the road
With no where to go
Thinking lots of things
But still thereís no plan to do

Working too much
But moneyís worthless
With out someone
You can share it with

Life without life they said
When you have life but no someoneís with
Life without life when youíre alone
Nothing makes you to move on

Every day life


Ginalyn Magtibay

Now Iím here thinking again
I always wondering whatís happening
My life seems so different
I do many things that I never did before

A year gone by with lots of memories
Lots of things happened
There was sadness and there was happiness
I enjoy of being adventurous
But still thinking where it leads me?

People seem to know how happy being with me
They see me as a happy person
Who always with the smile on my face
But they didnít notice how tired I am of acting
As woman who never been hurt and who never been sad

I always tell to my self that all problems has solution
But I always think when Iím in the situation
I want to enjoy my life but how can I
If what I dream for in reality never comes?

Every day I live with an ordinary life
Daily routine work and house
But sometimes I want to get out and shout
Want to ask whatís happening to my life?

I want to have another routine in my life
I want to get what I dream of
I want to live with what I want
But how can I if Iím still stocked in this kind of life

Right now I donít have any choice
But to live like this till I move on
When the time comes that I can walk
I will try my best to run to get in the end of the line
I know when the time I reach there
I will be happy for life and try to dream again

Don't be Afraid to Fall In Love


Ginalyn Magtibay

Life must go on whatever happens
Donít forget the past
Instead use it as an inspiration to move forward
Learn from your mistake
And never regret what was decided
Even problems comes
You may cry but still manage to smile

People use to love and get hurt
Just think that itís part of our life
We need to accept that fairy tale is not true
Coz wishes sometimes do not come true

Love is a wonderful feeling that everybody wants to feel
But when they get hurt they hate love and swear not fall again
But even fairy tale is not true magic you can feel
When itís arises from your heart, no body can stop

Mmmmm, I love to fall in love and love to be love
Feeling that I always longing even sometimes itís hard
True love is hard to find
But you canít just find it with your partner

You may see it in your parentís you may see it to your family
You can find it with a friend or with the housemates
You can find it to someone you met in the bus or the passer buyerís
You may find at your back even in the strangers

Love conquers all, who ever you are whatever you are
Just put love in your heart you will make the fairy tale come true
Wishes will be granted and magic will spread
Love is so powerful like the one up there who gave this feeling to us.
Thatís why donít be afraid to fall in love



Ginalyn Magtibay

Ako'y may kaibigang isang makata
May itinuro sya sa aking isang tula
Alam kong gusto mo, Malaman kung ano
Ang tula na natututnan ko

Sa tulang ito ako'y natuto
Magpakumbaba at makitungo
Sa aking kapwa at maging makatao

Alam mo bang malaki
Ang sa aki'y naitulong
Nitong tulang sa aki'y ipinabaon

Sa araw araw ng buhay ko
Mga problemang binubuno ko
Ang tulang ito ang inspirasyon ko
Para malagpasan ang balakid sa landas ko

Ang tulang ito ang sa aki'y nagpadama
Na mayroon pang pag-asa
Ang mundo nating di na masaya
Sa nangyayari sa mga taong nakatira

Buhay ng tao ay madali lang
Isang kisap mata'y pwedeng mahiwalay
Ang kaluluwa sa katawang makasalanan
Kaya sana'y ating pakaingatan
Ang katawang tao na sa ati'y pinahiram
Ng maunawain at mapagmahal na maykapal

Kaibigan ko ang nagsabi
Diyos ang kanyang pag-asa
Dahil dyos ang nagturong makasulat, makabasa
Para maipamahagi ang tula niya

Ang Dyos at wala ng iba
Ang makagagawa ng tula nya
Dahil sa ang totoo'y di nya kaya
Dahil mata't kamay nya'y wala na

Dyos lang ang makaksagip
Sa pinagkahulugan nating putik
Sya lang lang ang makakapag aahon
Sa karangalang ating naibaon

Kaya payo ko lang kaibigan
Tulang itoy pakinggan
Dahil alam kong inyong kailangan
Inspirasyon at kaibigan

Ngayon alam mo na
Ang aking natutunan
Tulang ginawa ay naging inspirasyon ko

At ipinalagay na dyos ang kaibigan ko
Sana may natutunan ka
Sa tulang aking ginawa
Sa araw na ito
Ako'y naging makata

Alam ko na alam mo
Kung bakit ako nagkakaganito
Siguro naranasan mo
Mag isip ng ano-ano
Para lang masulosyunan ang problema mo
Kaya akin ay ito
Ang naging kasagutan tula ang nagawa ko

Salamat sa dyos na lumikha
Tuloy ako ngayo'y nakalikha
Ng makabagbabaging tula

Para sa kaibigan kong sa kin ay humahanga
Sana ngayon'y magkaroon
Ng inspirasyon at kaibigan
Upang sa gayon sila'y may aasahan
At matatakbuhang tunay n a kaibigan
Walng iba kundi ang Dyos na maykapal



Ginalyn Magtibay

Ang hirap ng buhay noh?
Ginawa mo na ang lahat
Para guminhawa pero wala pa rin
Kaya dinaan mo na lang sa tawa
Para di halatang malungkot ka

Habang ika'y tumatawa
Pero kitang kita lungkot sayong mga mata
Tumatawa para di halatang may problema
Ngunit sa likod nito'y lumuluha ka

Buhay ng tao talga
Kailngan may pera ka
Para kahit nakangiting maskara ay makabili ka
Di ko alam kung bakit
Kailangan pa ng pera
Pwede naman mabuhay ng wala di ba?

Minsan akoy natuwa
Dahil 'sang araw ako'y nagkapera
Nakabili ako ng Maskarang nakatawa

Kaya kahit ano mangyari
Di nila malalaman
Kung ako'y malungkot
Dahil ako'y nakamaskara
Di nila makikita ang malungkot kong mata

Di nila malalamn
Na ako'y may problema
Di nila makikitang ako'y lumuluha
Sa mga nangyayaring pangit sa ating kapaligiran
Salamat sa maskarang nakatawa
Kaya kong pasayahin sila
Sa tuwing sila'y may problema
Kaya kong umiyak ng di nila nakikita

Kaya sana wag kang malungkot
Aking Maskara
Dahil pag nangyari yon wala ng tatawa
Dahil ako ang lakas nila
Para sila ay tumawa
Salamat, salamat aking maskarang nakatawa

On my Mind


Ginalyn Magtibay

The day passes so fast,
I didn't know how long I been here
I feel so alone coz you so far
I really want you to be near

I'm thinking of you every second
Your picture cannot be erased in my head
My heart beating fast
As if it going to get out in my chest

Our love is pure & sincere
I know it's for real
You & I will be forever
And there will be no ending

You're too far and I'm waiting for you here
I hope the time pass in a blink of a second
I want to be close to you again
Like before that we never been parted

Right now you're only on my mind
My beat only for you my love
You mean everything to me
So anything seems no matter

I always s pray to God to give someone
Someone who will love me as me
Someone who will take care of me
Someone who will spend he's whole life with me

I thank God he answered my prayer
Now you're with me and never will leave
My happiness has no ending
Your really are my blessing

I love You Dadi

My Vampire Dadi


Ginalyn Magtibay

I never forget you, since the day we met
From the moment I saw you I like to be in your embrace
When im close to you my heart beat faster than ever
I feel so proud even I'm just a friend

I kept singing "on my own" coz
It's reminds me of how I love you all along
I didn't know if you notice me
Because I know your eyes was with someone dearly

My young heart fell in love with you long ago
But still remains there and never leave
Someone came to my life and filled it
But in the end they break it

I kept on searching & searching
I saw you one time & made my heart beat faster
I felt alive and inlove again
But afterwards you're in nowhere

I thought it will be the last time I'll see you
And the last chance to be with you if I had too
But after years of no news
Time goes by and destiny leads us to meet somehow

We got the chance to say hi
We been through lots so we talked for a while
Then suddenly we confessed our love
And we felt that we're meant to be for life

It's been 14 years since we met as friends
We never noticed that we're for each other
God gave us the chance to live our life w/out each other
But now we will never be a part for life because we already found one another.
Always, forever, for life it doesn't matter
Till the end just be together