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Katy Madej


Omaha, NE, US

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The Glistening Sun


Katy Madej

I see the glistening sun partially
hidden by the mountain.
Wanting and needing the comfortable
warmth and beauty it projects
I begin to climb towards it.
The journey is sometimes challenging;
the brightness sometimes painful;
yet the feeling of the sun gently
kissing my cheeks persuades
me to continue.
Now the sun is totally visible,
and more beautiful than ever.
Day to day I become absorbed
in the comfortable sensations it brings.
Loving this feeling I begin to want
more, I want to get closer.
At the top of the mountain I'm
as close as I can get.
I feel as if I could reach out
and touch it.
Perhaps I'm too close though
because it begins to burn.
The gentle kiss it once brought has
turned into a smack across the face.
I begin to climb back down the mountain,
not looking back at the sun that has
turned on me, not even wanting to
remember how wonderful it was.

Haiku #369


Katy Madej

Teacher speaks
all hear and pay attention
what did she say?

Good Intensions


Katy Madej

She walks down the street handing out smiles by the dozens;
she proves to the world that she loves all people.
Taking the extra minute for a wave or a sympathetic look
shows how much she truely cares for them.
The poor people deserve smiles too she thinks.

Smiles may feed their soul, but their stomachs are left empty.
Smiles may warm their hearts; yet they are still freezing.
Good may be what she is intending for them, but when she passes
by them the smile lasts only a second and then her back is
towards them again.



Katy Madej

experiences... where do you find them?
looking backwards or ahead
escaping the mystery of why.

check it out...i just found you.
not even looking through clear glass
i saw the experience before me.

vague ha.....
isn't it the truth
only then my secrets dance in the minds of many.
many dance
just a dance.