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Amber Macsephney


Calgary, AB, CA

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How Could?


Amber Macsephney

How could 2 become just1
Why'd it happen we just begun
How could love turn to hate
Why'd you blame it all on fate
How could smiles turn to tears
Why'd you let it come down to dreadful fears
How could dreams come unaccheived
Why'd you have to go and leave
How could fantasies become nightmares
Why'd it pass down to my last tear
How could trust turn to good-bye
Why was it sko hard to try
How could hearts become so shattered
Why'd you feel it didn't matter
How could good turn to bad
Why'd you leave me oh so sad
How could warmth turn to cold
Why'd you leave just memories to hold
How could dreams turn to wishes
Why'd you say good-bye with kisses
How could laughter turn to silence
Why'd it end up in violence
How could hopes become unreal
Why'd you leave a broken heart unhealed
How could forever turn to never
Why'd you say, "I'll leave you never".

With The Sound Of Good-Bye


Amber Macsephney

You broke my heart with the sound of good-bye
You said it was over with no explanation why
I gave you my life and all of my time
I sold my body to call you mine
You where my life and all of my dreams
Time after time, I told myself shit wasn't as it seems
You put my life through slack to whore
But never once did I leave for the door
I cried my nights for you to be here
Knowing the thought of losing you, had to be my biggest fear
The slaps, the names, and all the other shit
As much as it hurt me, never once did I quit
So with the sound of good-bye
You hurt me more and more
You walked out of my life
For which reasons I don't know what for