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Brian Neil MacLeod


Troy, NY, US

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Brian Neil MacLeod

The rain is falling
Outside my window
And many tears
Are falling to my pillow.

The autumn wind is blowing
Chilling me to the bone.
My heart and mind are hurting
From wondering why I am so alone.

It seems like yesterday
When you were last in my arms.
Holding me, loving me,
Keeping me from harm.

And what I wouldn't give
To be back in yesterday.
With you holding me, loving me,
And not far away.

Every night is the same
I lay upon this bed.
Trying to sleep, trying to rest,
But only seeing you in my head.

Crying the night away
With pain I can never swallow.
My heart weakly beating
But feeling so hollow.

And I remember yesterday
When your lips touched mine.
You were holding me, loving me,
Feeling so divine.

And what I wouldn't give
To be back in yesterday.
With you holding me, loving me,
And not far away.

My heart calls out for you.
Wishing you were here.
To hold you, and tell you
How much I love you, dear.

And if we find each other again,
Not a word will I say.
Just promise me you will do one thing:
Take me back to yesterday.



Brian Neil Macleod

I feel you outside my window
but I ignore it saying its just the rain
outside the rain just keeps on pouring
and all I feel is pain
there's no more crying
for me all my tears are done
all i can do now is look around and hate what I've become
I thought you liked me but
I was seeing something that wasn't there
I thought there might be a chance that you might care
I was mistaken and I'm sorry i didn't mean to
I wish that I never saw you
cuz then I wouldn't be forced to feel this pain
I wish I never saw you and
I wish I could do it all over again
this time without you has given me time to think
and being without you is a place i don't want to be
I can feel you ouside my window but
I'm not sure if you're wanting in
I want to talk to you but I'm not quite sure where to begin
I'd never lie to you but
I don't know what more you want me to say
I hate saying good-bye to you but it seems that's all I say
I feel as though I've lost you or maybe you we're never mine
I need you and its only you that I wish to find
There's no more crying all my tears are done
washed away by the rain but I fear there's more to come
inside me there's something dying and
I'm left to wonder what have I done
I feel you outside my window but all I hear is rain
and while you're out there all I feel is pain
the rain just keeps beating down my window and
I keep seeing your shadow on the wall
there's so much that I want you to know but
I don't have the strength to call
I feel you outside my window and
what I feel for you will never change
I feel you outide my window but I don't feel the same
I fel you outside my window and
the rain just keeps coming down
the rain is streaming down your face washing away your smile
your hair is drenched and you're soaking wet
the sight of you brings me pain filled with sorrows and regret
my tears are no longer running but
when I think of you my heart still beats faster
then I stop look around confused wondering
what the hell am I chasing after
the feelings I have for you haunt me
and they just won't leave me alone
I feel as though they're out to harm me
as I look deep into the unknown
I feel you outside my window
but at times the loneliness gets to be too much bare
I can feel you out there but I try and act like I don't care
I feel you outside my window but
how much longer will you be waiting there
the rain keeps beating down my window but
the hardest rain is felt in here
The rain washes away your tears but the pain always remains
so many doubts so many fears and you have only yourself to