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Iain A. Macdonald


Cape Town, South Africa

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Iain A. Macdonald

Hail the strange savage beast
Suicide tin men call it time
Invisible and silent it marches on
It's creation can only follow
Time and tragedy heals
Eternal silent graveyards do not protest
Our apparent eternal youth will not save us
Wonderland dreams and chaos will conquer us
Time our destiny will not surrender

Black on white


Iain A. Macdonald

Black on white
Saturday followed another Sunday
It's November and I still remember
A family was slaughtered today
Thirteen sent to their graves today
Trouble in paradise
My tears wash it's shores
No words can replace how we should feel
No money should be able to buy off the hurt
We choose to ignore
Lifeless and colourless
The pictures do not cry
They appear unreal and harmless
We are distant and they are dead