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Symantha Mac


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Symantha Mac

Eyes of saphire blue
shone the light of pure beauty
as she touched the world
with unconditional love


In our hearts and thoughts
is this earth-bound angel
who, now at rest
will finally receive her wings



Symantha Mac

Only whispers of passion
burn within the soul
as a lust so strong and yearning
begins to crush his world
Words so bitter sweet
they hurt the fragile mind
and devour all conscious thought
of the wife he leaves behind

Kaleidoscope Dreams


Symantha Mac

As I close my eyes
the dark clouds of sleep
begin to dance
across my eye lids

Soon the clouds disperse
opening space
for a mix
of beautiful images

Children at play
exploring lifes treasures
past events,long gone
but not forgotten

And a familiar face
who's warmth and feeling
brings peace, to these
kaleidoscope dreams