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Tony Lynn


Derry, Ireland

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Tony Lynn

Did I not hold you like you wanted to be held,
Did I not treat you like I should have,
Did I not love you like you wanted to be loved,
Now youíre running away,
Iíve tried to be friends with you,
But I feel Iím in the way.

Then I got to thinking that weíve both moved on,
Or at least youíve had the chance to,
Iíve been too busy with my degree and career stuff,
And youíve been able to concentrate on you being you.

So Iíve got a goal again, now,
Got something to get up for in the morning,
Feeling better now than I have done in a full year,
In my life now a new day is dawning.

I realise now that weíve grown apart,
After seven months of growing together,
Weíve become different people wanting different things,
But Iíll have a corner of my heart for you forever.

Iíve tried to hold onto you for long enough now,
Trying to keep you the way I remember you,
Thatís impossible, I realise that now,
Have to let you do what you wanna do.

I guess Iíve just had too much time to think,
Time on my spent circling,
Going nowhere fast, chasing my tail,
Wasting hours supposing, hoping, thinking, wondering.

So this must be where I finally let go,
To thank God for the experience and helping me grow,
So now to go out and get my heart broke again,
And learn more lessons about women and men.

A painful experience this has been,
To the point now where I think it better we not be in contact,
It hurts too much, jealousy maybe,
Cause youíve had a head start and Iím slow to react?

But Iím back on two feet now,
Coming around again and feeling better,
Can feel a wee glint coming back to my eye,
I realise that I am still a go-getter.

Iím not mad, or angry,
Just sorry we canít keep in touch,
Weíve both tried to help each other real hard,
But we keep ending up hurting eachother.

Itís not intentional,
But thatís the way it is,
I feel we see who can do better without the other,
Like a competition with no winners and no prizes.

So this is where I must leave you Tara,
Have to go off somewhere else and start again,
Iíll always look back on us and smile,
Iíll never meet anyone again like you, Amen.