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Brianne Lunt


Orem, UT, US

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So Far from Home


Brianne Lunt

I remember the cool breeze as it slowly made it's way through the valley.
I remember the soft lights that would bring hope to a dark alley.
I remember the fresh air so crisp and clean.
I remember the birds flying freely by the revene.
I remember the tall long grasses swaying side to side,
I remember the country side stretching so very far and so very wide.
Oh what I would do to go back home,
Just for one moment even if I were alone.
So far from home so far away,
It's hard this way,
And while I dream and hope and wish,
There are happenings back home that I will miss,
But I need to keep a peice of mind,
Of what it was like, and what would I find.
Why can't I see,
Why can't I dream,
Of what that small, peaceful place will be,
Or what it will seem.
My mind is lost,
My mind is wondering,
What will it cost,
Why am I pondering?
My sight is blurred, but I can see,
My mind is lost, my home without me.
Oh do I remember the smell of the daisys on a bright summer morning?
Do I remember the sea rippling in unicon with the Aspen trees?
Do I remember the new born puppies giving their innocent warnings?
Do I remember the garden being planted it's first seeds?
I don't know,
That was way back home.