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Glenn. R. Lumb


Norwich, England, UK

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Beauty & You!


Glenn. R. Lumb

Spaghetti thin legs,
Smooth eggshell thighs,
A carrot complexion,
Beetroot eyes,
A cling-film top
(See-through surprise),
How could I resist
As you walked on by?

Chocolate-mousse hair,
Cherry dimpled cheeks,
That tic tac smile,
Peppermint teeth,
Milk blancmange skin,
Confectionery feet,
Soft, jelly bum,
Sweet, petite;
A sundae treat
Every day of the week!

Marzipan makeup,
Butter cream face,
Liquorice mascara;
Impeccable taste!
Fondue foundation,
Wafer-thin waist,
Gelatin lip gloss;
Icing on the cake,
Full Monty facial,
Nothing half-baked!

A Wensleydale outlook,
Cheesy grin,
Fridge-cool presence;
Chilled out & in,
A cucumber face-pack
Cleanses the skin,
No Botox injections
Or suffering;
Beauty & you
Are identical twins!

Ant Bashing!


Glenn. R. Lumb

The heatwave`s
Been all the rage
Like it`s going out of fashion,
It`s the season for breeding,
Reproduction interactions,
Animals & insects,
Sexual action,
I`m on a mission in my kitchen;
Ant bashing!
Dozens of the bastards
Crawling, dashing,
Searching for crumbs
Or some form of
Uninvited mites
Intending to fatten,
They all look the same,
Identically blackened!
Appearing from nowhere,
They`re gone! then they`re back again!
The only way
To delay them
Is blatantly flatten them!
Squashed by a finger
They don`t know what`s happening,
Wipe them all out
With a fatal battering,
They tack, zig zag,
Set your teeth chattering
In a frantic chase
Where your aim is to splatter them!
In this case no way you can
Blame ants for panicking,
Haphazardly running for life;
For sanctuary!
Endangered by failing
To escape inhumanity,
Threatening hygiene
And human vanity,
"Get out of my kitchen
Or face calamity!"

Left right! left right!
Here comes the ant patrol!
North ants, South ants,
Ants in your pants ants!
Ants in your pantry...........
Ten fold!!!

Apple Tree


Glenn. R. Lumb

Apple tree,
Void of leaves,
Abundant fruit
Turned to seed,
Twigs like bony
Fingers feel
The bitter, biting
Icy breeze!

Apple tree,
Winter sleep,
Resisting snow`s
Sub zero freeze,
A scampering squirrel
On a flying trapeze
Swings through its boughs
With ease!

Apple tree,
It`s survival holds
No guarantee,
An abandoned nest,
A feathered family
Have flown
To adult sanctuary!

Apple tree,
Ruddy brown,
Smeared moss green,
A tangled branches

Apple tree,
Blossom free,
Fruitless to a
Low degree,
Winter`s severity!

Apple tree,
Not evergreen,
It`s family roots
Soiled, unseen,
Dug firmly,
Standing proud,
Lost in a forest
Of timber!



Glenn. R. Lumb

You ask for trouble in all that you do;
Alligator wrestling in crocodile shoes,
Condemning bombs then detonating the fuse
With your explosive views!

You invent complications (confuse the plot),
Downing Red Bull in a china shop,
Your watery eyes wet from peeling shallots;
Fake tear drops!

A challenging road dictates a rough ride,
Driven to despair, overtaken by pride,
Accidents happen; we all slip & slide,
Words collide!

Your vocation lays in creating a fuss,
Our solid foundation; reduced to dust!
There`s danger in blatantly betraying a trust:
All faith is lost!

Words from your mouth leave a bitter taste,
A dual personality, sadly two-faced,
Your ego is massaged, inflated, embraced;
Head case!

It ends in a muddle whatever you try;
Bungee-jumping in a gale force 9,
Calling someone a pig although they`re a swine;
Disgruntled friend of mine!