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Robert Ludwig


Baker, WV, US

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The Solitary Spire


Robert Ludwig

The Sudden surge
Of North Wind's wailing
The honking geese
Circle soarfully

The rocky spire
Stands aside
The roaring waves
Crash upon the rocks

The solitary green
Struggling moss
Clings to the rock
Spotted green upon the grey

The land lies misty
Hidden yet there
The distance is short
But the waves seperate them still

"The tree of liberty must be bathed in the blood of tyrants"
Thomas Jefferson

Trust Lost, Purpose Gained


Robert Ludwig

I would trust in the
Were my faith not dead
Dead as that young man
His face pallid in the grave

Alone in that grey crypt
My faith and he do lie
Entombed and hidden from the world
The world that killed them both

Killed in ignorence
With this man my faith did die
What once seemed as Black and White
Now is grey

This sin cannot be attoned
But recompense needs be paid
Now while the world is grey
At last I know my way

Decaying Cycle


Robert Ludwig

Death creeps silent
A grey mist
Its tendrils clutching
And pulling to the grave

Life glories in the day
The brilliant Sun
The rays that warm
And burn the mist away

Yet the mist returns
Inexorcable and silent
Burnt away then renewed
Slowly gradually entropy prevails

In the end all is silent

Searchin' for Truth


Robert Ludwig

Heaven and Hell are all the same to me
The spectrum loops in eternal agony
Purest bliss murges with purest pain
Looking for the difference drives one insane

The untold truth and cunning lie
Cause a searcher equal confusion
Sending many a seeker to die
For truth is mutable and lies oft ease tension

For God on his holy throne
And Satan from his heap of blackened stone
Are both obscured in this day and age
Impenetrable to mere mortal or mystic sage

In this world of colors grey
How can a simple searcher say
Whose side is right
How can one reach the light?
In this world of grim grey fog
How does anyone learn what's right and wrong?

The Raging River


Robert Ludwig

The red stream rushes down
Through the hills and gullies
The ravine overflows
Bright red ribbons creep along the sides

Now a torrent then a flood
All dams are broken
The bariers collapse
Enchained; none can hold this back

The flood doth slow
Energy spent
Hearts-blood spent
Now only the trembles spread across the earth

Energy spent, fury gone
The red flood is still
The elemental rush
The whirlpool of emotions
All lies calm, nothing stirs

Now they stir
The tiny strugling figures
Creep across the shattered land
Saving what they can