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Louise Lovely


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Arabian Nights


Louise Lovely

be my Arabian
love me like the sea!
swirl yourself around me
lift me up carry me off
swallow me whole
leave no part of me untouched
pull me under
take me
taste my salty wetness
twirl my pearl
tangle your tongue in my seaweed tuft
lap my every curve
ebb and flow
in out
in deep
pull me down
take me for yourself
I have no control!
you are across me around me inside me behind me
overcome by
your glistening might
your instinctive rhythmic thrust
I surrender
wave after wave of ecstasy
salt tears of the sublime

you release me

I retreat
to gaze upon your dignity
from distant shores



Louise Lovely

Hey koala
My faraway friend, fantasy, funder
Here in Pune - home of Osho, Osho Ashram, Osho’s ashes - I have come to think of you often

I want to tell you some things:

You my soul mate
turn me on
lied to me more
hurt me more
than any other has before

I your guilty pleasure
scare you
turn you on
supported and loved you
beyond logic
you know how we dance, play, move, work and
Be together
but mostly how
we melt
beyond grind, circumstance, reason

Each and every time that carpet - that magic carpet
In the dark, by the fire

killed intimacy

logic kills magic
can you see there is no, can be, no logic?
it just is
it just was

I miss these melted moments
and their potential
your potential

to you
your journey
and your chosen journeymen
and women
I wish you well

I am sorry I did not meet you in a time where
your yin
my yang
could Hang

just Hang
Just Be

With love