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Kate Loomis


Brook Park, OH, US

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Kate Loomis

I'm standing here, but why?
I cannot help but cry.
My dearest friend is gone.
He wasn't weak, but strong.

He left me all alone.
I'm chilled through to the bone.
I'm standing in the rain.
My heart is filled with pain.

Why did he slip away?
Why did he leave today?
What went through his mind?
What did he think he'd find?

Is he in a better place?
Can he see the tears on my face?
Did God smile or did he frown
When the pills went sliding down?

Will he find the answer there?
Will he climb the golden stair?
Why did he leave me here?
Can't he sense my fear?

There's nothing I can do.
Somehow I'll make it through.
Though my dearest friend is gone,
I can't be weak, but strong.



Kate Loomis

I'm sitting here
all alone
a heavy tune
with somber tone
is playing in my ears.

There's nowhere
I can be
without feeling
this misery
my eyes spill many tears.

I walk along
this crooked road
this heavy load
throughout so many years.

You came my way
your eyes and smile
make me happy
for a while
the cloudy weather clears.

I trusted you
you understood
then I wondered
if you could
chase away my fears
whisper in my ears
stay with me through the years
to wipe away my tears
all my confusion clears.

And then you leave
where I can't go
I'm all alone
and I don't know
why my life changes gears
without you all my years
will be filled with misery and tears
I'm living all my fears
this screaming in my ears
won't go away
so I can't stay
I have to leave
you mustn't grieve
my poor disheartened peers.

Now I am back
I'll live somehow
you still can't see
my smile right now
it's still veiled by my tears.

But I can live
I've learned to cope
I'm only here
because of hope
that when this lifetime clears
and my dear one reappears
he'll stay with me
live happily
my rapture be
beyond this veil of tears.

For uncountable years.