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Johan Lofgren


Gavle, Sweden

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Johan Lofgren

You were my life
you were my support
You took your knife
and your life was gone

You were like the wind
the sun and the rain
You were my working day
in school you were my brain

You were a leader, a mother
sometimes even a brother

Singing a beautful song
that never ended in my heart
It was never to late, it was
never wrong
to love you

You were sometimes a little girl
a bright young teen
You made my summer shiny and green
But most of the time you were
a woman.



Johan Lofgren

You were the wind
the sun and the moon
I wanted to see you
very soon

I dream so high
that you are safe
I hope you can fly
as the sky high

You were my friend
maybe my only at the time
We never told each other
thatīs why friendship never

I almost cry when i think
that we could been friends
so long, instead of so short

like the love we cherished

As friends
As brother and sister
like fellow brothership

You were my heaven
as the blue sky
Now you look down on me
protecting me, from who

Feelings i had for you
never died, my heart
died for a time, i hope
you still remember me

One day we shall meet
at the gate of heaven
As friends, the true story
that never ends.