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Jon Lishman


Chesham, England, UK

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Jon Lishman

‘Time is an illusion
Constructed in the mind
Projected on the universe outside.’

And yet, I am older
My mother, my father, too
And it seems that there is nothing I can do.

‘Atoms vibrate
And become new molecules
Which constantly change in their state.’

It’s true, my moods swing
Less so with age, so it seems,
And each night I experience new dreams.

‘The fundamental principles
Governing all things
Exist in accidental harmony.’

But there is so little time
For me to get to grips with these things -
With all of the puzzles life brings.

‘Stars are born
Out of the materials ejected
By an old one that has gone supernova.’

Yes, death frightens me
My own, or my loved ones’
Even though I don’t know when it comes.

‘Everything is in motion
Due to the forces at work
As described by Newton’s Three Laws.’

But day after day,
Pulled this way and that,
I feel like a laboratory rat.

‘So, my dear students, you have nothing to fear
From disorder, chaos and destruction.
It is these very forces which define nature’s courses-
The systems which generate new creation.
And on that note I will end my instruction.’

But where will I be
In this scheme of things
When these systems have torn me apart?
Where will we be
All the things that we are
Will we be re-born, like a star?
(silence, fade to black)

First Love


Jon Lishman

Time returns to me, my love
And love returns to me in time

For I return in time contrite
But regret that time of love.

And changes come to one that feels
And feelings come to one that’s changed

All moments joined in one whole man
By a cotton thread of memory.

And remorse is there, is there, but more,
More than remorse, more than that there:

There’s you and your cool smile again
Returning, turning me so that I dare

To play a future out inside my heart
And set my heart upon our future,

Pretend that it is possible
That in me you see a part of you.

And I remember:
By accident when we were small
We grew together
But we both grew tall,
You a woman, I a man
Disconnected. Disaffected.
I did so want to call to you
I did so want to call to you.
But I would clearly not have given anything:
More fool I.

And I suspect:
But to see you now, so beautiful, years on_
Is like I have come home
And found the door perhaps ajar
And a light burning, though from within.
Ha! You a woman! Me a man!
Recollected. Resurrected.
I do so want to call to you
I do so want to call to you.
But would I clearly risk everything?
And be the fool that I have always been.

And a fool is safer in regret because
Regret is the sanctuary of us fools.

If only once, though, obsession won
And I could shatter my own foolhardy rules.