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Lindsay Cafferky


Spokane, WA, US

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Eyes of Burning Ice


Lindsay Cafferky

Cold and black
are these

with gold and blue
licks of flame
tenderly burning at their

And swirling
through the great expanse
of the emptiness
in a starless night

these eyes are burning,
with all their gold
and blue inferno,

an undying image
into the core of
my blackened soul,

and there
they shall haunt me,
with all their coldness,
and all their fire,

until the day that
my bloodied feet
trip for the last time,

and I fall into the
of my black crystal casket,

where these eyes
of burning ice,
can never catch me

Trapped in Age


Lindsay Cafferky

in the pale sunlight
that shines
the watery and deformed eye,

I see

the fire of an old man and tired panther
raging on;
and he remains alone
in a world of sunlight he cannot touch

Sculpted Colors


Lindsay Cafferky

Watching the sculpted colors of the falling

I kneel before beauty I cannot

and it chains me with it's

and I have no strength against the glittering

that dances with my

and gives me no power to hold

so forever to be, I am the slave who watches it's

The sculpted colors of the falling sun.

A Bubble


Lindsay Cafferky

Watching a bubble
float through the sunshine,
I saw in a heartbeat the meaning of time.

For so fragile was the bubble,
that it could but live in an instant,

and how forever is an instant?

Floating sweetly on an air-born mist,
skimming through the stars,
and above moonlit shores,
this is all the good, and all the evil.

and seeing all and seeing none,
this bubble of unseen dreams popped,

just as I someday shall end the dreams,
and end the truths,
and end the lies,

and be only pure,
only a bubble.

The Blood Bat


Lindsay Cafferky

In the loose and billowing shards
that caress the moon before it dies,

I found the bat of death
clinging to one of the drapings.

Sadly, he moaned, and then fell.
straight from the sky

And as he plummeted
beyond the cloud upon which I stood.

He look at me with big red eyes,
eyes that were drowned

in the blood of his own pain

Ghost of a Mist


Lindsay Cafferky

I watch the sun,
as it hides

deepening layers
of swirling,
and dancing clouds,

and as the painfully distant
winter sun

into the icy
shards that
chain it in the darkness

a snow white beast
stepped forth
and stood,

a lone

a sky of

and this
magic horse,

the iced fire,

and it's snowy
white fur,

a streaming
crimson idolization that
glistened like

the blood
of an angel's tears

A Wish


Lindsay Cafferky

Barely more than a wish,
made by a child blowing a wisher weed
into a near over sunset,

and fragile as spun glass,
as it sparkles in the
forever paleness of moonlight.

I feel the arms of a star god,
as they wrap around me,
bringing with them,

a dream as pure as the

soul who can touch
the inner flames of the earth,

for this dream is big,
bigger than the sea,
and bigger than the sun.

And this dream is wild,
as wild as the lightning that
burns the sky,

Yet through it all, it remains
barely a wish made by a child
blowing a wisher weed into a near over sunset.

The Bloodstone


Lindsay Cafferky

Inside of a box
a stone,

and inside of the stone
a drop of blood,

and inside of the drop of blood
the tears of all the world.