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Jemma Lilley


Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia

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The Aussie Bush


Jemma Lilley

Hues, raw, earthy colored bush
Unique, exotic sounds
Aromas, fragrant eucalypt
With wild life abound
The pungent, damp aromas
Of the bush just after rain
Assault the sense of taste and smell
In a most delightful way
Wildflowers heralding
The forth and coming Spring
Rosellas and the cockatoos
To mates, sweet tunes they sing
Emus, possums, kangaroos
Wombats, wallabies
Goannas, frilled neck lizards, crocs
Koalas in gum trees
Night time throws a different scene
Full moon beams, casting glow
Rodents scatter, crickets chirp
The wise old owl, he knows
No other like the Aussie bush
Compare none 'round the earth
A special, haunting quality
So ancient, well its worth
So many unique species
Most found here and no where else
So rich in plants and animals
So rich in natural wealth
So lucky and so gifted
Our preservation pushed
Our own special heritage
The lovely Aussie bush

The Battle of Willow Pond!


Jemma Lilley

Children's Poem
The Battle of Willow Pond

Two little sparrows
Were sitting on a log
Talking to a dragonfly
Up popped a big green frog

The dragonfly said " little sparrows"
"Can you help me please?"
"How to find my way back home"
"I'm lost in all these trees"

The big green frog, he laughed and laughed
"You can't leave just yet"
"You really look delicious"
"Make a tasty treat I'll bet"

The dragonfly, he wasn't scared
He had a secret weapon
The frog, he tried to lap him up
But something ghastly happened

The sparrows watched in fascination
Dragonfly, he lunged
Stinging tail thrust 'tween the eyes
Into the pond, frog plunged

The little sparrows bid farewell
And flew off in the sky
Do not underestimate
The little dragonfly

you are beautiful


Jemma Lilley

you are beautiful inside and out and you are beautiful with out a are beautiful don't let no one change are beautiful let it are beautiful let everybody are beautiful and thats a wonderful are beautiful

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