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Jaf Liethers


Abu Dhabi, AD, Uae

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Jaf Liethers

Remember the day Johnny lost hope?
eyes bled dry staring through telescopes
waiting for falling stars from below
smoking his joint outside his window

he's buckled to the ground on all fours
their stares consume all his endeavors
under comforts of Stalin's basement
with his only friend, Bec de corbin

yet, the noose untouched, guns dismantled
no one's to understand his battle
more so with the leash held by Berger
he cries for God to give him answers

step by painful step, crutches stab through
he's better without but they will do
must he crawl stairways for soul's pursuit
"Anywhere but here", he sighed adieu

midway his personal Everest,
steps wound back before the crippled mess
distance from the peak, he wouldn't know
drank himself blind; contented, seems so

still in heart, a proposal to swap
places with God, awaken his nap
expectations brought his state of hate
poor Johnny lost hope but never faith

failed to contrast bitter from better
all he wished was to know he mattered
he laughs at the games of destiny
he wanted our lives, not apathy

The Thief


Jaf Liethers

There is a weight over your eyes
pressed by the thief of macabre
he built a home settling over skies
inviting worlds escorted by horror

He who walked on running water
stepped on my soul on the way
hiding the order of time and after
while skies separate, let cynicism stay

Perhaps suffering is the only ring
without beginning, without end
the man of steel has started rusting
I'll be the courage holding your hand

As the world implodes, I cannot admit
the red cape exposed spineless backs
last drop of rain touched eyes infinite
the world on all fours as rapture exacts

Home awaits the arrival of the departed
I climbed the heavens consumed by fear
as the thief's hands of kryptonite handed
the bloodied red cape to dry my tears