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Joe Li


Birkenhead, England, UK

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The evil shine.


Joe Li

The throbbing in my forehead,
When I have returned home.
The god-forsaken "loved-ones" now gone,
I feel all alone.
My father was the spawn of hell,
He was the bane of my life,
My life often turned to suicide,
While again he reached for the knife.

Waving the knife in the air,
He would never strike.
My mother stepping back,
That would be the fight.
But one day all that changed,
As I returned from school
Never knowing: Life's unfair
Was life and death's eternal rule

I walk through the door and see the knife,
Watching the evil shine.
Setting my bag down I run to aide,
Seeing my mother's face forcefully "shaded".
Black, blue and blood-red,
The vision of a perfect family many years has faded

But now it comes down with a shriek.
The mother once again scarred for life,
Her vision growing bleak.
She pulls me closer telling me to run,
My dad dialling 999.
I take to my heels and flee forever
Forever remembering the knife's evil shine.



Joe Li

I joe li, down an alley did take a pee
got caught by the father of hay-ley
and now am suspended internally!

i joe li, did pull a friend of nicky rennie
in my homer simpson costumery
i am joe li, joe li, joe li
..poor me.