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Cameron Lenfesty


Pitt Meadows, BC, CA

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Cameron Lenfesty

Everyday he walked the line thinking of life in metaphors.
The lonely hearts tattoo on his arm...
spoke of betrayl.
These wicked games.

In smoke filled rooms where jazz greats had played
he always sat alone.
its meaning clear, the end of love.
These wicked games.

Contemplating life, a long draw from a cigarette.
Cocaine dreams at seventeen,
love letters written on napkins,
mischevious smiles,
a life led in sin.
These wicked games we play.

Another Roadside Attraction


Cameron Lenfesty

Mexican rythyms making love with the air. I remember...
the sun beating down , its penetrating rays attacking my face.
I was sweating. I was smiling.
I heard them laughing, I heard them crying.
I heard them say "Welcome to another roadside attraction"

I searched for higher ground. Upon finding sanctuary it suddenly occured to me that it was solitude I desperatly longed for.
Solitude amongst a seemingly endless sea of thousands.
All the while I was lying on the pavement and all that my mind could register was...
"Look at all the feet, thousands of them."

Like I said, it was another roadside attraction.